Back to School in Omaha – August 2021

It’s hard to believe, but it is already that time of the year – back to school! Students, parents, and teachers across the country are gearing up to get ready for classes. For some, it may be their first time in school, and for others, they’re packing their bags for higher education. Regardless of your role in school, whether you are a student, teacher, or parent, preparing to return to the classroom is a very busy time. It’s easy to forget the essential “to-do’s,” such as school necessities or annual health appointments, and it becomes even more difficult to finish off that checklist after classes resume.

To help you get ready to go back to school, we spoke to some local experts and discussed how you can be fully prepared to open those textbooks again.

Early Childhood Learning

While the older kids go back to school and continue their learning, the younger children have the opportunity to do the same. B & K’s ExSeptional Ones Academy ( is an early childhood education and care center that can offer your young kids to get a head start on their schooling. Starting at six weeks of age, your children can attend the academy and receive God-centered, engaging education in a safe and loving environment. The academy is also Childcare Award Certified for all branches of the military and aim to provide care for all socio-economic statuses. B & K’s ExSeptional Ones Academy uses early learning guidelines and creative curriculum to allow your child to be learning and creating every day at the academy. They’re exposed to practical life works, social and emotional development, and more.

With fun events happening this past summer, such as Donuts with Dads or the first preschool graduation, B & K’s ExSeptional Ones Academy makes your children feel as important and special within their own family as they do in yours.

Unleash Your Creativity

Kimberly Faith Hickman
McGuigan Arts Academy

The creativity of children is limitless, even if many of them do not realize the creative talent they hold. What better way to spend weekends or hours after the school day ends than in an artistic environment! McGuigan Arts Academy ( offers children the chance to expand in their creativity through a variety of different classes and camps. Artistic and Education Director, Kimberly Faith Hickman, says the academy’s goal is to let kids explore their artistic interests.

“Our goal at the McGuigan Arts Academy is to provide a safe, collaborative space where students can be themselves, build their own community, improve or discover their natural talents, and create boldly,” says Hickman. “Our teaching staff of professional artists work to create a curriculum that is inspired by the students’ interests. Want to make a movie? We’ll help make that happen. Want to play in a concert? Let’s create a band! Want to paint, but without paint brushes? Use your hands and feet! We embrace exploring creativity—and making messes!”

Hickman says that the team at McGuigan Arts Academy understands that the pandemic has been equally difficult on the children as it has on the adults. She wants to remind others that while kids can be resilient and adaptable, they carry their own burdens, and sometimes the additional burdens of their adult family members.
“Patience and grace towards young people can make a positive impact, and providing them with a safe space and supportive adult role models will go a long way,” Hickman said. “We also chose our location in Countryside Village to help alleviate parental stress. While students are in class, other family members can go to a restaurant, coffee shop, bar—even a salon—to take a break and treat themselves.”

McGuigan Arts Academy takes COVID-19 very seriously, especially when many of their students are young enough that they cannot yet be vaccinated. They keep class sizes small to allow for social distancing, though it also allows for a more personal lesson with their teacher. Hickman says that it is important to the academy that they can keep both staff and students safe, while creating a trust between the parents and teachers.

“We have been very focused on staying on top of advice from the CDC and other Douglas County health officials throughout the pandemic. Our entire staff is vaccinated and we intentionally implemented small class sizes and strict cleaning protocols. We want the parents and guardians of our students to feel good about bringing their family members here. So far, we have seen positive results from our efforts. It is important to us that we build trust with our families and maintain that trust,” Hickman explains.

Hickman says the academy cherishes the artistic abilities of each of their students, and while understanding that not every student wants to be a performer, they have creative talent to showcase.

“The social life of a formal school environment can be very stressful for kids,” says Hickman. “The McGuigan Arts Academy is a safe place where students are celebrated for who they are and what they want to create. We hope to provide a second home for them, where they can be themselves to the fullest!”

Lori Borer
Fleet Feet

Ready to Run

The start of a new school year often means new friends and activities, and after an entire summer of outdoor recreation, it’s probably time for new shoes for your child. Go to the locally and family owned Fleet Feet (, operated by Lori Borer, to buy your kid the best pair of shoes that will allow them to comfortably move from place to place throughout the new school year.

“With a variety of colors and brands ranging from Nike to New Balance to Asics, your child is guaranteed to find their next favorite pair of shoes with us,” said Borer.

The supplies don’t just stop at shoes, either. Equip your child with gear like water bottles that stay cold all day long for hot days on the field or in their friend’s backyard, or a junior water-proof Garmin that allows you to track your child’s activity throughout the day. Fleet Feet is also stocked with hats and sunglasses to protect your children from the hot summer sun, and even winter accessories, if you are looking to get a head start on the unpredictability of Nebraska’s weather. If your kids are active and always on the go, Fleet Feet is the place to ready them for the busyness of the new school year.

For the Athletes

Though sports have been happening all summer long in Omaha, they become much more frequent in the fall when children go back to school. Kids are known to be the most active, and sometimes all of their energy leads to injury when playing on the field or the court. To keep your child safe and/or prevent further injury from happening, visit the orthopedic sports medicine facility See the Trainer to equip them in the best protective pediatric products. They encourage you to come into the story so that you can be properly fit with the right product. See the Trainer ( also provides equipment and tools for physical therapy or exercise. In addition to this, the store is in network with most insurance companies and can bill insurance with a valid prescription from your child’s doctor. Regardless of the age of the athlete in your family, See the Trainer can help them restore their body back to its best performance and excel on the field or court.

For the Commuters

Jeff Bailey
Huber Chevrolet and Cadillac

Whether your kid is freshly 16 with their new license, or they’re heading off to college hours away, you are going to want a reliable vehicle to get them to their campus. Buying a car can be an overwhelming experience; there are so many factors that go into the process and decisions that must be made before you can make a big purchase like this one. Visit the staff at our local dealership, Huber Chevrolet and Cadillac (, to find the perfect vehicle to safely transport your kids to school.

“We have a wide array of cars, crossovers, SUVs, and pickups to choose from, both new and pre-owned,” said Jeff Bailey, car dealer.

Huber Chevrolet and Cadillac also has a finance department that, when utilized, can protect the vehicle and loan with services such as service contracts, gap, appearance protection, tire and wheel protection, and dent restore.

Already have a trusty vehicle you’re not ready to part with? They can service the vehicle and ensure that it is ready to hit the road, whether your student is just going one mile or one hundred to get to school. Oil changes, new tires, brake repairs, battery troubles, you name it—Huber Chevrolet and Cadillac has a team of specialists that can help you keep your son or daughter’s vehicle in top-notch shape. Wherever the vehicle is going, Huber Chevrolet and Cadillac knows that it is carrying precious cargo, and makes sure that your child will get there safely.

Back to school is a big event for everyone, whether you are a student or a parent. Businesses in Omaha have been in those shoes before at some point in their lives, and they want to do their best to help you transition your children (or yourself!) back into the classroom.