Strictly Business Omaha was launched in 2007 after Strictly Business Lincoln had been in business for over 20 years. The two magazines follow the same format, have the same goals, and involve the same staff.  Strictly Business is a news and direct marketing magazine that is delivered through direct mail and the internet. A publication containing vital Omaha business information, it’s mailed into the hands of nearly every CEO, business owner, and key executive in the city. Not only does the magazine reach business owners and managers, but it also reaches secretaries, lower-level management, and other employees within the office. These readers are not only businesspeople, they are also the city’s biggest consumers.

Strictly Business is your sales representative. It makes it possible for businesses and client prospects to make the connection every month. With a shelf life of a full month, the magazine is passed around offices, reaching everyone from the president to the janitor. With a shelf life of one-month minimum (some businesses keep back issues of Strictly Business on display for 3-4 months), your ad, article, or press release gets seen for a much longer period of time than other advertising mediums.

Over 10,000 copies of Strictly Business Lincoln are mailed to Lincoln-area businesses each month and over 15,000 copies of Strictly Business Omaha are mailed to Omaha-area businesses each month. With a large pass-along readership, it is estimated that an average of five businesspeople read each copy of Strictly Business.

As a news source, Strictly Business supplies the area with relevant and current business information. If you want to keep up with Lincoln and Omaha’s business community, you need to read Strictly Business. Personnel changes or additions, information on new businesses, columns written by prominent area business people, profiles on important people in our community, and features on subjects relevant to current business today are just some of the areas covered in Strictly Business. We also offer the unique opportunity for advertisers to take part in our articles and special features. When an article is featured that pertains to specific advertisers, they get the chance to help write the story and to advertise around that story.

As an advertising tool, Strictly Business Magazine is unique by giving you precise targeting and a guaranteed total business market coverage.  This method has been proven very successful for advertisers.  The magazine is also an excellent tool to increase your visibility in the Lincoln area, whether you are trying to gain more clients or not.  This ‘image advertising’ works especially well in Strictly Business because of our high-end demographic.

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Meet the Staff!

Paige Zutavern

Paige Zutavern has been involved with Strictly Business since its inception. Paige’s duties include ad sales in both the Lincoln and Omaha market, community involvement, administrative duties, and general overseeing of both operations.

Paige comes from a ranching background in the Sandhills of Nebraska. She attended the University of Nebraska at both Kearney and Lincoln and, after graduating, began working for Gallup. Being involved with Gallup was a wonderful experience and she feels she owes so much of her business success to what she learned from working there for over three years. However, it soon became clear to both her and her husband that they were meant to own their own business and they eventually decided to take the plunge and start Strictly Business from scratch. It was tough going in the early days and many people told them they would fail. They ignored the negativity, though, and that has obviously paid off! Paige has worked hard to make Strictly Business (Lincoln) a success, paving the way for Angela Lee in Omaha. Though there is still lots of hard work involved in creating this new publication, Paige’s experience and success in Lincoln have definitely made the road a bit smoother.

Paige is married to her high school sweetheart, Shayne Zutavern, and they have two boys, Schyler and Zane. They reside in Lincoln. To contact Paige, email

Cemre Lively
Executive Assistant/Director of Operations

Cemre joined the Strictly Business team as the Executive Assistant/Director of Operations in October 2022. Cemre’s role includes a wide variety of responsibilities including client correspondence, account management, event planning, and networking. Her name is Turkish and is pronounced “Gem-ra” and yes, she’s heard every mispronunciation in the book but always takes it in stride!

Cemre grew up in a small town in Tennessee, and has since lived in Colorado for a few years before moving to Lincoln this past July with her husband and two pups in tow. So far, the Lincoln scene has become like home very quickly. She has had several years of experience in different fields, including office administration positions and human resources roles. She has found a place at Strictly Business where she can thrive in a busy environment, pursue more writing, and connect with the magazine’s amazing clients.

Cemre can be reached at (402) 466-3330 or via email at

Derek Nosbisch
Art Director

Derek Nosbisch joined the Strictly Business team as the Art Director in January 2022. Originally from Omaha, he graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2019 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design.

In his role as Art Director, Derek designs advertisements, magazine layouts, and promotional materials for Strictly Business. He also posts the magazines’ content to our websites, and

Derek enjoys the challenge of working with brands and businesses of all sizes, and his background in developing identity systems helps him represent the clientele of Strictly Business in print and online. He cares deeply about how people interact with design in their everyday lives and strives to build a more designed world.

Derek is married to his better half, Caroline Nosbisch, who is the best cook on this side of Missouri. They’re owned by two cats: Calypso and Hannah. To contact Derek, email or give him a call at (402) 466-3330.

Tessa Yeo

Tessa Yeo joined the Strictly Business team in August 2022. Tessa works with clients each month to create press releases, feature stories, client spotlights, and other editorial pieces for both the Lincoln and Omaha editions of the magazine.

Tessa is originally from Mitchell, SD, where her family moved after her father’s retirement from the U.S. Marine Corps. After her sister Noelle attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Tessa set her sights on Nebraska to pursue a Bachelor of Journalism in Advertising and Public Relations. While in school, Tessa worked many part-time jobs in addition to her participation in choral ensembles on campus. After graduating in May, Tessa began her job search, which led her to Strictly Business. She enjoys getting to utilize her strengths and being challenged to produce great products for the businesses and organizations she works with.

Tessa can be reached at (402) 466-3330 or

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