Our clients love us over here at Strictly Business Magazine

But you don’t have to take our word for it…


Chelley Bach
General Manager

“Our experience with Strictly Business has been wonderful. We always get great results for our advertising dollars and their team is just a pleasure to work with.”

McGill Restoration

Tim McGill

McGill Restoration-logo

“One thing Strictly Business has changed about how McGill Restoration does business is, I think it’s given us exposure to some companies we haven’t had exposure with before. So, it’s created opportunities, and it’s created relationships for us.”

Evol Empire Creative

Andrew Tuszon

“The relationship has been amazing. I mean you guys are super responsive, a blast to work with, the publication itself turns a lot of heads and has a lot of readers, and that translates to my phone ringing.”

Jones Automotive

Rick Quistad
Sales & Marketing

“The attention to detail that the employees have proves to me that the staff at strictly business really cares about what they do. They’re all very professional at what they do and they put out a really really good product.”

Just Good Meat

Sean Fuller

“You’re not just advertising to the everyday ‘Joe Blow’, you’re actually getting people who are in business, they have that mindset, and are probably looking to support other businesses.”

Midwest Woodworkers

Gerry Phelan

“If I was going to pick a word that described our relationship with Strictly Business, I would say, “Opportunity”. This is a chance to get in front of the business community, and whether it’s articles or press releases or advertising, it’s a way to get the word out that maybe isn’t available in any other form.”

CarePatrol of Nebraska

Theron Ahlman

“One of the reasons I highly recommend Strictly Business is all the added features that you get along with your regular ad, you get your press releases, you get the client spotlight and all the added value is just so wonderful…”

Panology Tech Solutions

Darren Lichty
Founder & Chief Engineering Officer

“Strictly Business really impressed me right out of the gate in helping us put our ad together. Again we don’t have much for marketing experience so didn’t know what was going to be the most effective way to put that content together, and the team at Strictly Business was fantastic at helping us work through that. Make it so that it would be the most impactful for our target audience.”

Good Life Retirement Solutions

Andy Storz

“Strictly Business is where somebody is going to go to find out what is going on in their community. Whether it’s the business world, the world of charity, or just events that are going on around their community.”

Eat Fit Go

Natasha Plooster

“Strictly Business has really given me the opportunity to be the voice of health through their feature stories I’ve been able to educate people… you don’t get that kind of an opportunity very often to have the captive audience of hundreds and thousands of people to really listen to your words. And Strictly Business has truly given me that opportunity and I’m very thankful for it.”

“We Believe in The Power of Strictly Business Magazine

“I just re-signed up for the simple fact that last year I did over $90,000 in business as a direct result of my small ad and the press coverage I had in Strictly Business Magazine.”

Matt’s Plumbing

Matt Schildt

“Advertising in Strictly Business has been so successful for Tomorrows Online Marketing. Calls, emails & outstanding referrals. They’re essential to our growth.”

Tomorrows Online Marketing

Wayne Boesiger

“In today’s economy we need to maximize our exposure to vendors, clients, and new clients. For our dollar there is no better way to get the word out.”

Floors Inc.

Scott Elly

“People are attracted to the human interest perspectives.  They are masters at networking. They are out there, they are everywhere. We are are very satisfied.”

P&L Technology

Phil Lieber

“They offer a smorgasbord of opportunities from ad placement to free press releases to inclusion in exclusive articles. It has been phenomenal! “

Maly Marketing

Steve Maly

“It’s a great place for us to feature our products in the community.  It would be impossible for us to reach the entire market for such a low cost.  We quit, then came back.”


Marvin Holst

“They are master networkers always thinking of ways to help others get more business.  Plus it’s overwhelming how many people respond to my ads.. it’s great”

AR Solutions

Aaron Newell

“They reach the people I serve or the people I want to serve.  40% of my clients are in there.  We even distribute it at our events and it’s the only one we do.”

Nebraska Business Development Center

Andy Alexander
Program Manager

“It’s no coincidence that the successful businesses in town are partners in Strictly Business.  We connect our messages to the very people we want to grow relationships with.”

Tiger Rock Academy

Jeff Dousharm

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