The internet and mobile phones have quickly taken over our day-to-day lives, often making it easier in ways such as GPS directions, quick Google searches, and sending emails from wherever you are. The downside of using these tools is that many people have started to abandon physical resources and print media thinking that they are no longer valuable tools.

Many are surprised to hear that print is becoming increasingly popular with millennials and younger generations, but the proof is in the data. Millennials are chastised for being glued to their phones, yet print media still holds an important place in their daily lives. Even people from the older generation, while they increasingly shop online, are much more likely to trust information in print media than information published in digital formats.

Based on a Marketing Charts survey of 1,000 US adults (18+) ending in early October 2022, the research indicates that almost 68% read physical/printed media, the highest figure for the year-to-date. Let’s compare this to the email advertising we are exposed to every day. Companies are able to mass produce marketing emails at a faster rate than print marketing, but it is often tossed into the junk folder or directly into the trash. Making meaningful, intentional print media stands out against the flood of advertisements and messages that flood our inbox.

Research has found a significant difference between communicating through tangible, printed materials and communicating through digital materials. Though the working world has shifted to computers and cloud services, many of its industries still rely on print media for marketing, communication, and other important functions. It’s also easier to comprehend information when it’s delivered through printed material, not because the information on a screen is more difficult to read but because your mind is less likely to wander and become distracted when you’re looking at printed media than when you’re browsing digital content.

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Every industry has its own marketing goal, and print media can play a crucial role in that area. Research has proven that print is still an important and sought-after media in today’s world, regardless of what it’s used for. Millennials are reading more than previous generations at the same age, as well as appreciating the experience of physically owning a book. To get in touch and get started on making 2023 the best year for your business yet, reach out to our office at (402) 466-3330! We would be happy to chat about the ways Strictly Business can enhance your marketing strategy.

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