Happy New Year from Strictly Business!


What are your goals for 2022?


Paige Zutavern, President
This year, I really want to work on gratitude. To me, this means focusing more on what I have rather than what I want. I’m so blessed with a business I love, clients who have become friends, amazing employees, and a wonderful family. I’m also thankful for my freedom as an American. I never want to take this for granted. Another goal I have is to be intentional with my time because it is so valuable. This means less time watching shows on Netflix and more time with the people in my life who I care about. An ongoing ambition of mine is strengthening my walk as a Christian. I want to have the “Let go and let God” mentality more often.


Hannah Hundley, Editor/Director of Operations
I just celebrated my 27th birthday, which was full of happy reminders of all the love and support I have around me. Like the new year, birthdays are a great time to reflect and set goals for the future. As I get older, I realize that I’m still figuring out “what I want to be when I grow up.” I’m excited to keep turning the pages and discovering where my path will lead me. This year, I want to take more risks—I want to do things that challenge me and make me uncomfortable. Right now, I just take things as they come. This isn’t necessarily a bad trait, but I know valuable growth and perspective come from taking leaps of faith in life.


Devyn Sanderson, Writer
Last year was such an exciting year for me! I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and started working at Strictly Business in July. Over the last five months, I have already grown so much in my writing and have really come to better know the Lincoln community and all that it has to offer. In 2022, I hope to continue to expand on my writing and communication skills (maybe 2022 will be the year I master the art of answering the office phone), and meet more friendly faces in the business community. I’m super excited to see what the New Year has in store for me, personally and professionally.



Meg Crawford, Social Media Guru
My word for 2022 is “Present”. I want to be more present in everyday things—more present in my work and in conversations. I want to detox from social media more and not mindlessly scroll before bedtime. I think it’s so important to spend more time with the ones I love than seeing what so-and-so posted on Instagram. My friends and family are such gifts in my life that it’s time I unplug when we spend time together.



Katie Koso, Writing Intern
In 2022, I’m most looking forward to graduating from UNL in May and receiving my bachelor’s of journalism in advertising and public relations! One of my main goals this year will be to start my career and use all the skills I’ve learned in school over the years. I look forward to spending more time with friends and family and I’m also hoping to go on some trips this summer! I’m really excited to see what’s in store this year.


Grace Kane, Writing Intern
For 2022, I am looking forward to finishing up my last semester of school at UNL and enjoy my time with my friends before we all move out into the world. One of my personal goals this year is to focus on my physical health by trying to eat more clean foods and running more. I’m signed up for a few races this summer already!