Planned Life Changes in Omaha, Nebraska

Life’s many defining events fall into two categories: things that you’ve planned for…and those that you haven’t. While both may turn out to be blessings in the end, generally the planned life events are the most exciting and rewarding ones that we look forward to over the years. This includes things like getting married, having a baby, buying a home, college graduation and career building, and retirement, to name a few of the most prominent. As there are always new things to keep in mind along with the basics, we’ve focused on a few that we think you’ll want to consider!

Meet Baby – Live!

For those who are planning to have a baby, it comes as no great shock to most that there’s so much out there to consider. As is the case with many of the common practices that have changed over the years, such as bottle feeding vs. breastfeeding, the more we know, the more we evolve and adapt. During such a special experience, there are also things to take advantage of now that weren’t available to expecting parents even ten years ago, such as 3D and even 4D ultrasounds.

Cathy Fraser- Stork Vision Omaha

Cathy Fraser
Stork Vision Omaha

“Ultrasound is wonderful tool that has many uses during pregnancy,” says Cathy Fraser of Stork Vision Omaha. “In today’s busy healthcare environment, ultrasounds performed in a doctor’s office can be rushed due to time constraints and the necessity to obtain the required set of images to adequately examine baby’s wellbeing.   Many times family members and siblings are not permitted in the examination room and very few images of baby are provided for parents to take home and cherish for the remainder of the pregnancy. With 3D/4D imaging, mom, dad, siblings and family members are able to have a remarkable bonding experience by being able to ‘meet’ baby before s/he is even born. Watching baby move, suckle, and open his/her mouth in live time, all while still in the womb, is truly a one-in-a-lifetime experience. We allow as many guests as the client wants to bring, with two full-sized couches and a 60” viewing screen; anyone in attendance is also welcome to take pictures, record video or even FaceTime with those who are not able to attend in person.

For planning purposes, the best time for 3D/4D imaging is between 26-33 weeks.  At this point baby has had time to build up subcutaneous fat and looks much more like a newborn.  However, this is simply a recommendation; we have imaged earlier than 26 weeks and later than 33 weeks.  We will always work with our clients to give them the best possible images at any point in their pregnancy.

You’re Retiring – Now What?

Retirement remains just the same as it always has for the most part, the end of your career and the beginning of a new lifestyle as a result. It’s another significant life milestone that many are planning for years in advance. Generally the focus is on finances, but what about how you plan to spend your time once you are no longer spending a majority of it working for a living? While for some, a wealth of things come to mind, for others who may not have thought it out that far, loneliness and lack of purpose are things that can really take away from what’s supposed to be a great time in anyone’s life. Things like hobbies or travelling can certainly fill the void.

Gerry Phelan Midwest Woodworkers

Gerry Phelan
Midwest Woodworkers

Gerry Phelan of Midwest Woodworkers poses, “Is your whole identity wrapped up in your work?  Work can be really hard to let go of without outside interests. It’s far better to retire to something rather than just retire from work.  What is it you want more time for?  Family?  Travel?   Volunteer work?  Or perhaps something creative?  Woodworking is an excellent outlet in retirement.  It stimulates your creativity and it’s not as difficult or mysterious as you might think.  Plus, you end up with projects you can give away or use and display for years to come.  You can’t beat the satisfaction that comes from making something with your own hands. If you’ve never done it before, try taking some classes – it will show you the basic skills you need and give you a chance to experience woodworking before you make an investment in tools. For those who have past woodworking experience, there’s plenty of inspiration on the Internet or better yet, check out the local woodworking clubs where you can find like-minded woodworkers you can learn from.”

Kris Reddy - The Vacation Store and Cruise Company Omaha NE

Kris Reddy
The Vacation Store and Cruise Company

With extended amounts of free time at your disposal, travel is also a popular activity during retirement years. “Many people have their bucket lists and they want to get the chance to do those things that they’ve never done before,” says Kris Reddy of The Vacation Store & The Cruise Company. “The world of travel has become so much easier in all areas, particularly with affordable options such as all-inclusive resorts or cruises. Working with a knowledgeable travel agent will ensure you get the most out of your experience and also, that you’ll have access to all of the great deals that come across their radar. For our clients, we meet to decide what your prerequisites are and then alert you whenever a matching offer is available. With 100 years of expertise to apply, we ensure that our clients have plenty of options for planning and a stress-free, enjoyable experience during their travels, no matter the destination. Contact our office at (402) 339-6800 to find out more about what the world has in store for you!”

As a critical part of planning for any major life event has to do with finances, most notably budgeting accordingly but also investing wisely and so on, you’ll want to develop a relationship with your accountant, tax professional, and insurance agent to ensure that you’ve confirmed with a professional that all of the bases are covered. All in all, as said best by Alexander Graham Bell, “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”