Men’s Health in Omaha, NE – 2018

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Men’s Health in Omaha, NE – 2018

Attention guys – what are you doing to take care of yourselves? Are there things you’re currently doing to improve your health? What have you made a part of your routine or a priority to stay in good health? While these answers will vary for each individual, they probably involve nutrition, regular physical activity, and regular visits to a physician and dentist, as well as perhaps an optometrist, audiologist, chiropractor, massage therapist, counselor, or other specialized care providers. Much more common today, perhaps you’re even trying out some holistic approaches or that cool new cutting-edge thing that has just been introduced.

From diet and exercise to sleep habits, work-related aspects of wellness, and an outlet for stress relief among other things, self-care is important but is still all-too-often overlooked or not as much of a priority in our lives as it should be.

Brianna Kuebler

It is human nature that how we look impacts how we feel, and vice versa. There’s a powerful connection that dates back as far as the very first civilizations. If there’s something about your appearance that bothers you, chances are addressing it will benefit you in other ways than just boosting your confidence. For men, some common issues that cause a negative body image are excess weight, hair loss, and hormone imbalance. The solutions to any of these can be found at JMISKO surgical design | md. Brianna Kuebler with JMISKO surgical design | md goes a little more in-depth on each:

Hair Restoration: “Whether you are in early stages of hair loss and need prevention options or in later stages that require a hair restoration, Dr. Justin Misko, M.D. has over a decade of experience in hair restoration and hair loss management. From prescriptions and topical hair loss products to the most advanced robotic tool on the market for hair restoration, we are experts at every option and for every budget.”

Hormone Replacement Therapy: “As we age it becomes more difficult for our bodies to produce appropriate levels of hormones — this can cause unwanted symptoms that affect everyday life. We have a hormone expert that specializes in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) to relieve symptoms of andropause for men.”

Weight Loss Solutions: “Our weight loss expert specializes in programs for weight loss and weight loss management. The programs are designed to not only lose weight but to keep it off. There are many different options we offer for weight loss, including appetite suppressants, supplements, B12 injections, and specialized weight loss programs.”

Delving deeper into hair restoration, she explains, “So long to the days of hair plugs. We are currently the only facility in Nebraska that offers the robotic hair restoration option. With the evolution of technology and equipment, more options have become available for quicker, more natural-looking results. The variety of options gives our patients multiple different routes to go.

If you are considering making an investment in a hair transplant, be aware that experience truly matters. Not only does experience matter, but options and results matter equally as well. We offer a variety of options for hair restoration — just because the ARTAS robotic hair transplant option is best-suited for one patient, does not mean that it is for another. The only way to know which options are best for you is to schedule a hair consultation with Dr. Justin Misko, M.D. His decade of experience will ensure you get it right the first time. You cannot put a price tag on happiness and confidence.

Finally, it’s important to know that you are not alone. If you are feeling embarrassed, unsure, or inadequate because of hair loss, at JMISKO there ARE options. Whether you are in your early 20s and noticing premature thinning/balding hair or you’re in your late 50s — we treat every case with the same quality and care. We have treated young, old, and everyone in between. If hair loss is hindering your personal or professional life, we encourage you to schedule a consultation and find out the options you have.”

Kuebler also makes note of one of their offerings that is a relatively newer concept to most people, stem cell therapy.

“Stem cell therapy utilizes cutting-edge techniques and harnesses the power of the patient’s own stem cells to naturally heal areas of discomfort or pain. The simple, 45-minute procedure can relieve pain, promote healing, and may be a viable option to surgery. We have seen an avid golfer come in thinking there was no way he’d ever swing a golf club again. One treatment and six months later, he has played multiple times, pain-free.

Over the past decade, the medical field has benefited tremendously from stem cell research. These scientific findings have given way to the new, exciting field of Regenerative Medicine. We believe stem cell therapy is the future of medicine and are excited to provide this progressive, ahead-of-the-curve treatment option to our patients.”

In closing, Kuebler notes, “Anyone who is interested in a consultation for hair restoration, hormone replacement, weight loss, or stem cell therapy, please call (402) 484-5144 or visit for more information.”

As far as products we use in our daily lives, no matter what you’re looking for to improve your health or enhance your quality of life, you’re likely to find it at Cherish You Boutique.

Donna Retherford
Cherish You Boutique

“We offer natural, organic, drug-free products that are good for your health,” says Donna Retherford with Cherish You Boutique. “From the incredible Kangan Water systems and Püre-Light miniature air purification systems to product lines from Native Deodorant, Monat, VOXX, Plexus and Core Health, there’s so much here under one roof that can have a dramatic positive impact on your health and wellness.

There have been many advancements in the health products field and we try to provide as many of them to the public as possible. From proper PH drinking water to performance socks to supplementation, we want our community to know that they can come to our shop for 1-on-1 or group sessions and learn all about the health benefits that are available from today’s health products.

Men, in particular, need to know that there are many very beneficial health and personal care products out there just for them. And it doesn’t make them any less manly for using them. The benefits are too great to allow old stereotypes to keep them from seeing the results.”

Today, there’s so much out there to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. With that being the case, it’s encouraging to think that there’s a solution out there just waiting for you to find it, or the thing you’re missing that would make your life so much more enjoyable healthwise. Cheers to your continued enjoyment of healthy and happy lives, gentlemen readers!


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