While Nebraska and the Midwest as a whole are known for unpredictable weather, it doesn’t always mean that residents are regularly prepared for the days when the weather gets a little too out of hand and turns severe. When we are not prepared, we risk damage to our important investments, which can cause further damage emotionally and financially.

Severe weather can happen at any time, though we are nearing the season when we are most likely to experience it. To ensure your home is built to withstand these inevitable storms or that it has the adequate coverage in the event that property is damaged, we recommend reaching out to these local experts and taking advantage of their quality services.

Exterior Home Repair

Unfortunately, after a severe storm moves through Omaha, some of our homes are left damaged and in need of repairs. In the event you find yourself needing work done on your roofing, siding, windows, or gutters, call Stonebrook Exterior.

Twilea Fletcher
Stonebrook Exterior

“When it comes to roofing, we want to take the guesswork out of choosing the right contractor – that’s why we have our team go through an intensive training course and comprehensive testing to become Haag Certified Roofing Inspectors,” said TwiLea Fletcher, business development manager. “As Haag Certified inspectors, we have the necessary skills and knowledge to accurately inspect your roof for damage and correctly evaluate that damage. Our team will work with you through the entire process, from discovering your needs to assisting you in the selection of a quality product.”

After a storm, TwiLea strongly urges homeowners to avoid climbing onto the roof to check for damage; instead, contact a professional roofing contractor to inspect the property. This is also the time to check the attic for leaks or signs of water damage. Stains or discolorations that may begin to appear on the ceiling or walls are signs your roof needs repairs or replacement.

“When it is safe to move around your property, use your cellphone or a camera to photograph any damages so that you will have a record for your insurance company,” TwiLea recommended. “Check the exterior of your property for signs of storm damage from the ground. Look for missing shingles or missing pieces of fascia. Look for dents and dings in your roof eaves, gutters, siding, vents, windowsills, and window casings. In addition to dents and dings, other signs of impact from hail include bruising, exposed surfaces, and/or chipped paint.”

Storm damage will vary depending on the type of material. For example, damaged clay roofs will have visible cracks, while damaged metal roofs are more likely to sustain dents. This is why it is very important to have your roof inspected by a trained professional. If you notice minor damage and aren’t sure it would merit an insurance claim, just give Stonebrook a call and they’ll come check it out for you.

Reinsulate to Keep Extreme Temps Out

Severe weather is more than just storms – it also includes drastic temperatures. This summer, keep the high temps and over-bearing humidity from causing your energy bills to skyrocket by reinsulating and air-sealing your home with Streamline Energy Solutions.

Jen Keller Streamline Energy Solutions

“One of the biggest things we recommend to create the maximum impact when someone wants to insulate their home is to air seal it,” said Streamline Co-founder and BPI-Certified Auditor Jen Keller. “We’ll locate all the accessible crevices in your attic, including around your fixtures and top plates, and seal them to prevent conditioned air from leading into the attic space. That preps the attic for us to insulate with blown-in fiberglass. We prefer this product over cellulose because it doesn’t settle over time, does not absorb moisture, and is a lot cleaner product. Of course, the baffles we install in an attic are a crucial step in the process, too, because they keep the insulation from blocking air flow through your soffit vents and provide necessary ventilation.”

With a combined total of 16 years of experience in the industry, Streamline’s co-founders came together to provide a holistic approach to energy efficiency. Their energy auditing services coupled with a variety of weatherization upgrades maximize your savings while minimizing your home’s energy usage. Streamline’s services keep money in your wallet and take it easy on the environment. Reach out to them today to ensure your home insulation is up to code before severe weather and temperatures arrive.

Severe weather season is upon us. We encourage all of our readers to prepare for this time of year by contacting these reputable businesses to ensure your home is properly protected or adequately repaired.