Celebrating Mother’s Day in Omaha, NE 2017


Celebrating Mother’s Day in Omaha, NE 2017

Although our mothers are as important to our own lives as, let’s say, the sun is to life on Earth, we may not get the chance to show it every day. And while it’s entirely more likely than not that we’ll all seize the opportunity to do so on more than one occasion throughout the course of an entire year, there is a special day that’s designated for this purpose just.in.case. This year, that day is Sunday, May 14th – Mother’s Day is almost here, and it’s a big deal, so best to plan accordingly!

With the spring weather upon us, if it cooperates for the weekend, why not consider taking advantage? Here are a few “suggestions for the season” that are perfect for treating Mom, some of which are options where everyone can get their spring fever fix too.

Grill Out

Gathering together for a meal is a celebratory tradition for many of us, and grilling season is finally here! The backyard, the park, the lake – all set the scene for an enjoyable time spent with Mom. (Since all of the restaurants in town are jam-packed on Mother’s Day, grilling is quite the attractive alternative to fighting the crowds too.)

The only other decision you’ll need to make is what’s on the menu, which should, of course, include all of her favorite things.

Just Good Meat is your source for all things grilling, offering select cuts of steak, a variety of fish and specialty meats, chicken done just about any way you can think of, and plenty of homemade sides to compliment your entrée choices.

Sean Fuller-Just Good Meat

Sean Fuller
Just Good Meat

“Our filets seem to be one of our most popular items with the ladies, so we always offer great specials on them for Mother’s Day,” says Sean Fuller of Just Good Meat. “The spring weather during the month of May is perfect for grilling out, and between the two holidays of Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, everyone is spending quality time with family and friends. All of that combined makes getting together for a barbecue the way to go! If you’re aiming to impress, our T-bones and ribeyes will fit the bill nicely and will be on sale too. Speaking of specials, we bring back our Sweetheart Package especially for Mother’s Day, which includes two 5 oz. filets, two twice-baked potatoes, and two 7-8 oz. lobster tails for just $42.99. Stop in and let us help you put together a delicious meal that the special mothers in your life are sure to love!”

Go Out

It pretty much goes without saying that there are wonderful options for treating Mom to be found all around the Omaha Metro. If going on a local adventure out and about is the way you plan to spend your time together, there’s a lot of fun to be had here. Oftentimes special occasions call for hitting the town, and this one is no exception. Especially if the weather is gorgeous as is mostly the case now we’re past the chilly and gloomy “April Showers,” which brings us to the sunny and warm “May Flowers” (for the most part at least…fingers crossed!). Whether she’s the type who would enjoy something low-key that provides the opportunity to relax and unwind, prefers the excitement of something more up-tempo, or is somewhere in between the two extremes, you’re the one who knows her best so it’s up to you to deliver on making the arrangements for something special!

Reminiscing on fond memories and making new memories is the way to make a mother’s heart full, that’s for sure. Going to see a movie in the theater together is a family pastime for many. When it comes to nostalgia, movies you watched together growing up tend to have a lot of sentimental value too. On Mother’s Day, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema will be presenting a 90’s classic, and has an entire special event planned to go along with it!

Derek Dillon-Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Derek Dillon
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

“As is a tradition with every Mother’s Day that passes at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, we will be holding a special Mrs. Doubtfire Family Brunch on Mother’s Day morning that’ll be a guaranteed hit,” says Derek Dillon of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and Liquid Sunshine Taproom. “Outside of that, you could attend any movie she’s been excited to see. As a treat during the show, get some champagne for that special lady or go all out and do mimosas.

It’s a given that all mothers should be cherished, but this is a day that she shouldn’t have to worry about a thing. A unique thing you’ll find when you take her and the family out to the Alamo is that everything is covered. Entertainment, food, drinks and atmosphere – we are all-inclusive when it comes to a day out.”

Connie Van Nostrand-Lied Lodge

Connie Van Nostrand
Lied Lodge

If traveling a little further to a scenic destination sounds more appealing, Lied Lodge & Conference Center at Arbor Day Farm fits the bill nicely. According to Connie Van Nostrand of Lied Lodge, who provides a few great ideas, “Mom will love the Mother’s Day Grand Brunch Buffet at Lied Lodge’s Timber Dining Room. The menu features garlic-studded whole sirloin, shrimp cocktail, breakfast favorites, specialty desserts, and much, much more. There’s also live piano music. You’ll want to make a reservation at (402) 873-8740.

Spa treatments make wonderful gifts and the Spa at Lied Lodge has a full menu of offerings including mud therapy body masks, deep tissue and Swedish massages, and bamboo fusion and heated lava shell treatments. Go to liedlodge.org to schedule an appointment or for more information.

Or, take Mom on a nature hike filled with flowering trees and fresh air at Arbor Day Farm Tree Adventure. It’s a short walk through the trees from Lied Lodge. All of the activities will keep the kids busy and provide hands-on fun for the whole family. Be sure to stop by the Apple House Market for shopping, wine tasting, or an apple cider slushie! You can also stroll the grounds of Arbor Lodge State Historical Park and visit the 52-room, historic Arbor Lodge Mansion. On Mother’s Day, the mansion will host a Century of Fashion, presented by Sue McClain and sponsored by Humanities Nebraska.

Make a weekend of it with an overnight stay at Lied Lodge! Mom can relax by the indoor pool, experience the hot tub and sauna, and enjoy a meal or a glass of wine on the Sunset Terrace.”

She also notes, “Moms love it when you show you care by simply thinking ahead. That could mean being prepared with a thoughtful gift, such as a spa treatment, or arranging for a fun experience, such as a beautiful walk along the trails. Think about what she enjoys the most and make her the priority.”

Go ALL Out

As far as gifts go, of course there are the things that she’s had her eye on or would love to receive for Mother’s Day. But, instead of stuff, what about giving her the gift of an experience? The gift of getting away from it all and living that vacation life is about as good as it gets. The timing couldn’t be more perfect either.

Kim Winberg-The Vacation Store & The Cruise Company

Kim Winberg
The Vacation Store & The Cruise Company

“Wherever it is she would love to go and whatever it is she would love to do, we can help you make her dream a reality!” says Kim Winberg of The Vacation Store & The Cruise Company. “Working closely with our vendors, we have the ability to go above and beyond to plan the perfect trip for Mom.

Having all of the travel arrangements made for her is such a great surprise. We can work together to take care of all the trip details so all Mom has to do is show up and enjoy her seamless vacation, with or without the kids. Just pick a cruise, an all-inclusive resort, a spa in the Southwest, or a trip to a place she’s wanted to see all her life – then send her on her way! Not sure where Mom would like to go or she’s not one for surprises? We also offer gift certificates, allowing her to choose the destination of her dreams!

We’ll work with your budget to find the best deal or present you options to choose from in that price range. We also offer interest-free payments, group payment options, and the gift certificates work nicely if you’re contributing to a travel fund with siblings and want to present them to her as a gift on Mother’s Day. With over 100 years’ experience, our travel experts can create the perfect getaway for her to relax and unwind or a fabulous family vacation that she’ll never forget.”

There you have it, a few different suggestions that you can still incorporate into the plans to shower all of your favorite ladies who also hold the title of “mother” with affection, gratitude, gifts, time together – all of the really good stuff worthy of their contributions to your life.

For the mothers who have passed, we pay tribute – you are always in our hearts. For the mothers who are still with us, we celebrate and share the day together – every minute spent together and hug exchanged is a great blessing and privilege. For all of the mothers, everywhere – you are loved and appreciated, on Mother’s Day and every day.