McGill Restoration – Celebrating 35 Years of Advancement in Restoration Data & Technology

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Celebrating 35 Years of Advancement in Restoration Data & Technology

Logo - McGill Restoration2020 is a big year for McGill Restoration as it marks their 35th anniversary. The family-owned business was founded by Tim P. McGill, now operated by his son, Timothy F. McGill, who has continued to excel and transform the business into an award-winning and leading-edge construction company. Over the last four consecutive years, they have been recognized as one of the 5,000 fastest growing (privately owned) businesses in the U.S. by Inc. magazine. In addition, their projects have received multiple industry awards for their excellence in completing large-scale and complex jobs.

How have they done it?

For one, they continue to invest heavily in their people, but also the company has taken tremendous strides to advance their processes and products with a technology and data-driven approach. The outcomes have resulted in safer job sites and increased efficiencies, better workforce productivity, and the overall ability to tackle more intricate projects and exceed their customers’ expectations.

Let’s take a ‘look under the hood’ at three key areas McGill Restoration has invested in new technologies to excel their business:

1. Business Intelligence

The company invested in and designed custom BI tools that allows them to have a holistic and accurate view of their job and workforce capacity in real time for now and in the future. This includes attainment for each job against their contracted timelines as well as financial success.

As a result, customers receive more accurate start and completion dates as this data allows McGill to better align their pipeline of work with sales and project management. McGill teams are also more well-informed of project statuses and success, resulting in better communication to all parties involved.

Internally, McGill benefits by leveraging this immense amount of data and BI reporting to better understand their business. It allows them for better workforce planning, estimation, and pricing.

2. Integrated Accounting and Estimation

It wasn’t too long ago that McGill operated heavily on paper-based forms and spreadsheets for their accounting processes. In order to take the business to the next level, McGill Restoration invested heavily into new digital accounting tools leveraging new cloud construction technology. The result?

Their accounting processes have gone paperless and their accounting information is accessible in real-time. Inventory of material is now accessible by all teams real-time in a management system, and this data allows them to run leaner, plan better, and reduce wastes.

Going digital also introduced a new bidding platform. Now, McGill Restoration can leverage their historical bid data instantly to create accurate bids for upcoming work. This allows McGill to provide bids more quickly and accurately to customers.

3. Timekeeping and Human Resources

McGill’s workforce productivity has reached new levels thanks to investments in timekeeping tools with features such as GPS geofencing and other timekeeping controls for more accurate time punches. Timekeeping software also offers McGill tons of data that feeds into their productivity ratios, influencing estimators’ calculations on future bids.

Last, but certainly not least, all of these technological advancements have allowed McGill Restoration to significantly invest in hiring processes and employee development. One of McGill Restoration’s greatest secrets to success is having a reliable and highly knowledgeable workforce. Recruiting and developing top-tier talent continues to be critical, and as such, the company has begun leveraging industry-leading tools such as the Culture Index to identify and place the right candidates in the right seats. With this, McGill hopes they can ensure continuity in providing quality craftsmanship and great customer services to all customers for the next 35 years, and many more to come!

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