Gratton Warehouse – Shaped by History, Fueled by the Future

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Shaped by History, Fueled by the Future

Gratton Warehouse, a third party logistics (3PL) company headquartered in Omaha, has mastered inventory management, storage, and distribution operations. In their 125-year history, Gratton has integrated innovation and style into everything they do. Not only do they do great work for their clients, they have established an amazing team culture that makes the company a great place to work. It’s a family owned business that has stayed strong through five generations, and when someone joins Gratton Warehouse Company, they also become part of the family.

Gratton Warehouse is very proud of their history. Things look pretty different today than they did in 1894 when Gratton got its start, but a few treasures have been kept throughout the years and can still be seen in Gratton’s office. They have their own little museum that includes Bo’s first forklift (56’ Yale) and a pallet jack dating back to the 1930s, one of the gas pumps used to fuel the forklifts in the 50s, and the original door to the first warehouse which has been upcycled into a conference table.

The whole idea behind the service that Gratton Warehouse offers is allowing companies to do what they do best without having to worry about inventory, storage, and distribution of their products. Companies that try to handle these operations themselves tend to run into problems because running a warehouse is not their area of expertise. They often experience loss and damage to their items, and the worst part is that all of the attention they give to this aspect of the business is taking away from carrying out the business’s actual mission.

It doesn’t matter what it is – medical grade equipment, food grade products, finished goods, etc.—Gratton Warehouse stores everything. Their team will ensure that your goods are properly packaged and safely stored, and they even send out alerts when inventory is low.

“We’re not just another warehouse. We are people who understand that the ‘stuff’ that goes in and out of our warehouses is not just stuff—it’s all valuable. Everything we store has a purpose beyond our walls. With this in mind, we have made sure our system is seamless, and we take any necessary step to make sure the businesses we work for are taken care of and at peace knowing their goods are secure. People chose to work at Gratton because what we do is meaningful and also challenging.”  – Bo Gratton, Owner

It’s amazing to think about how many people have been indirectly touched by the quality work that Gratton does. Gratton Warehouse has helped grow Omaha behind the scenes. Chances are, you have something in your home that was once stored in Gratton Warehouse. The warehouse has 165,000 square feet for storage with access to 100,000 square feet more for expansion across the country.

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