God’s Got Your Back: Delivering Powerful Messages of Fortitude and Products for Healthy Living

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Before you even walk in the door of the God’s Got Your Back (www.ggyb.store) store in Omaha, you know by the name of the place that you’re in for a heartwarming experience. When you enter, you feel it right away. It’s a soothing environment, clearly aimed at whole body-and-mind health and wellness. Hailing from Nigeria, Owner Judith Ngozi Obodougo opened the business with ironically perfect timing, too … two days before the national COVID-19 quarantine was enforced in March 2020. So, the grand opening might not have been what she had hoped for or planned, but it was a bit fortuitous considering the pandemic upheaval that was to follow in the weeks and months to come. That’s because her health-and-wellness shop operates on the very tenet that you can achieve anything in life if you know, first and foremost, to trust in God.

Most recently, Judith also launched the Calistus Multiple Myeloma Foundation in November 2020, which she created in memory of her father, who died of Multiple Myeloma in 2016. The purpose of the foundation is to educate people about the disease, help them recognize and watch out for the early stages, and to offer help and resources for those affected.

Inside the business, you’ll find everything from apparel with the “God’s Got Your Back” message on them to natural products in an interior health-and-beauty shop to help you achieve overall health, to colorful apparel, jewelry, and a host of other feel-good items. That includes Kit Fit and Detox Herbal tea from Arbonne, as well as hand sanitizers and other Forever Living products, Africa Map jewelry, and personalized magnets, pens, mugs, mouse, pads, and keychains.

Judith’s business grew from the message of the book she authored of the same name, God’s Got Your Back. She started by offering that book at her second one, Mom is Home, plus a selection of t-shirts, hoodies, and golf shirts that she brandished with the God’s Got Your Back message, and grew her inventory to a wide selection of health-and-wellness products—all things aimed at living a feel-good life in God’s light.

“This place is a good place to visit if you are planning to buy some pendants and jewelry in general, as well as many other Forever Living products and brand clothing. In this store, I also found Judith’s authored books, which are engrossing.” – Richard N.

“I had the opportunity to visit this store.… The books I bought there restructured my mind to believe that God is watching over me. The people are so nice and friendly. Give it a trial, guys. Loving it!” – Chianugo N.

“I will definitely recommend this store. Things are very affordable, and the customer service is awesome.” – Nolan Y.

“A friend reminded me on how far I have gone since I came to this country. That I have achieved more than I can ever imagine. So when things go wrong I should count my blessings and thank God it happened that way … because it makes me grow and be stronger. Better things are still ahead of me. I have to go through storms to have clarity to see through the calmness when the storm is over. And I should learn to remain silent and at peace with myself. Every disappointment is a blessing (my native name, Ngozi) in disguise.”

www.ggyb.store | (402) 686-3559 | 10154 Maple Street Omaha, NE 68134

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