E-Commerce 101: Your E-Commerce & Shipping Solutions by Add A Shop and Point2Ship

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E-Commerce 101: Your E-Commerce & Shipping Solutions by Add A Shop and Point2Ship

The technology giant Sandhills Global is bringing a timely solution to today’s small business owners through the unique e-commerce products and services offered by its companies: Add A Shop and Point2Ship. For the many business owners who have suddenly found themselves needing to convert their services to an online format and merge into the world of e-commerce, Add A Shop and Point2Ship offer answers and solutions that can help businesses integrate seamlessly into e-commerce. With easy-to-use resources and tools that solve the problems of creating an effective website, uploading inventory into an online store, collecting payment, organizing an efficient shipping system and accessing shipping materials, and so much more, Add A Shop and Point 2 Ship are a one-stop for anyone looking for solutions.

Add A Shop, like other Sandhills services, connects buyers and sellers worldwide. A clear, concise dashboard shows each customer order, when it was ordered, when it shipped, payment status, and more. Because Add A Shop services are all available online through cloud data, no software is needed, and all services can be accessed 24/7 on your computer or mobile device, whether you are at home or at the office. Add A Shop is different from other e-commerce services in that it builds an online store to fit with your existing website for free—no setup fee, contract, monthly fees, maintenance fees, or any other hidden charges.

Easily accessed through the Add A Shop dashboard, Point2Ship services take the guesswork out of organizing a shipping system when it is time to get your goods to your customers. Point2Ship offers a variety of options for packaging materials, and spurred by unique circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, curbside pickup has even been integrated into the Point2Ship system as an option for customers.

With a Sandhills account and an Add A Shop online store, you have free access to several other Sandhills marketplaces to put your items in front of many more potential buyers. Point2Ship services ensure you will always be able to get your products to your new customers, whether they find you online or in the local directory!

What is E-Commerce?
E-commerce is the new face of business in a changing climate. Unusual times have necessitated innovation and creativity with the way business is conducted. People expect to be able to access everything online anymore; with current social distancing restrictions, this expectation has become a need. E-commerce ensures a business is fully accessible online such that customers and clients are able to purchase products and services readily through a user-friendly interface.
How do Add A Shop and Point2Ship solve my E-Commerce problems?
Add A Shop and Point2Ship offer an easy—and free—solution that any business owner can access today. A business owner with little to no experience running an effective website and selling products and services online can have an effective website up and running in little time. Customers can easily purchase through the website and process payments, and products can be shipped easily with the help of Point2Ship. Add A Shop and Point2Ship take on the load of e-commerce so business owners can focus on what they do best and continue growing their businesses.
How do I accept payments through Add A Shop?
In addition to Point2Ship, Add A Shop is integrated with a variety of Sandhills services such as CurrencyPay that provide essential services. CurrencyPay is a payment processing system that allows you to process large- and small-ticket transactions with ease through multiple payment methods such as credit, debit, and ACH in addition to flexible financing at the point of sale for larger-ticket items.
How do I start today?
It’s simple! Visit us online at addashop.com to set up your free, first-rate website today and you will readily be able to access services to help you with payment, shipping, and more.
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