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American home equity is hitting record highs–we’re talking over $25 trillion! This is great news if you have been considering dipping into your equity to pay off debt, fund home renovations, undertake a small business venture, or contribute to your comfort in retirement. Even better news? Unison, the San Francisco-based fintech pioneer who opened an Omaha office in March, is newly able to offer their equity sharing agreements to qualifying homeowners in the state of Nebraska!

Unlike home equity loans or home equity lines of credit (HELOCs), Unison equity sharing agreements do not collect interest or require monthly payments. Instead, they offer up to 17.5a% of the home’s value in cash in exchange for a percentage of the home’s future change in value in 30 years, or at the time of sale. During the agreement, you maintain complete ownership of your home, and they are “in your corner” – there whenever you need them! With interest rates skyrocketing into the stratosphere, avoid taking on debt by choosing a Unison equity sharing agreement to help you unlock the mounting equity in your home. You can check to see if your address qualifies without it affecting your credit score, too. Visit unison.com and get in touch to see if you will be one of their very first Nebraska homeowners!