Pediatric Dental Specialists (PDS) ( is excited to announce that they have opened a brand new second location in Omaha. This state of the art facility is located directly across the street from Children’s Hospital on 83rd and Dodge, on the second floor of the Pinnacle Bank building. The decision to expand to a second location in Omaha was driven by their commitment to reaching and serving more patient families while enhancing convenience for their existing patients. This expansion allows them to better accommodate their growing community and provide exceptional care to a wider audience. Dr. Ben, Dr. Frannie and Dr. Mary will be available to see patients at both their Mercy and Dodge locations.

Their mission is to always partner with parents to create healthy smiles and early positive dental experience that last a lifetime. Their dental offices are child focused, fun and friendly environments where kids can access the best possible care. Their experienced team is specifically trained to accommodate children’s unique needs.

Pediatric Dental Specialists provide personalized care and tailored treatment plans to ensure children enjoy a happy and healthy smile. Children and parents will enjoy the environment they have created at PDS. Gaming systems and books are provided in the lobby to help ease any fears children may have when they come in. The colorful and fun artwork serves as a great conversation starter for children and parents. They have TVs above every dental chair, allowing children to choose their favorite movie to watch during their dental appointment. After every dental visit, children will go home with a prize they pick from our prize wall. This is their way of rewarding them for being brave and making another step in their dental care journey towards a happy healthy smile.

At Pediatric Dental Specialists–Omaha, they are committed to offering exceptional dental care for children. They provide preventative dental care and various treatment options to ensure the best possible dental experience. Their two locations in Omaha are designed to provide a fun and welcoming atmosphere for the best possible dental experience at every visit. Their experienced team is trained in pediatric dentistry, allowing us to address the unique needs of children using age-appropriate techniques. Pediatric Dental Specialists has multiple locations across the state of Nebraska and is dedicated to caring for the dental needs of all children, including those with behavioral and medical needs.

Visit their website at or call (402) 769-4779