McGill Restoration ( is an industry leader in concrete and masonry repair, restoration, and construction. From highway surface treatment and parking garage repairs to industrial painting to masonry repair, McGill Restoration is ready to help you with just about any construction needs. The company began in 1985 as a family business, and opened its second location in 2014. McGill Restoration has added 3 more locations in 2021; central Nebraska, Tulsa, and Oklahoma City. The company was nationally recognized as one of the fastest growing privately held businesses in America for four consecutive years (Inc. 5000 selection 2015-2019). Today, McGill Restoration continues to grow annually at record pace.

With the growth of their client list comes the need for new team members. As one of Omaha’s leading growing companies in the Department of Transportation and infrastructure projects, McGill Restoration relies on their skilled, well-crafted team to create lasting community impact.

They offer competitive pay and benefits like health insurance and 401(k) enrollment. Even more, they pride themselves on their dedication to training and education. Even those with less experience still have equal opportunities for growth at McGill. Whether you are interested in industrial painting or concrete projects, McGill is invested in teaching their employees the skills they need to turn work into a lasting career. As long as you are dedicated and eager to learn, you can fast track from field man, to foreman, to superintendent in just a few short years!

McGill employees are passionate about what they do. Here’s what they are saying:

“We’re always excited about the work we do and we’re always happy to welcome new team members. We do pretty much everything you can do in construction.” – Ben Russell, VP of Operations

“Working at McGill brings a certain satisfaction I’ve never felt anywhere else. The ability to start a job, put your hands on it, see it come to life and be able to walk away satisfied knowing that we did a good job. That’s what I like the most.” –Jeff McGill, Director of Internal Operations

“I like stepping back and looking at what I do and being proud to say, ‘this is mine.’ I’m proud to put a name on the work that I’ve accomplished here.” – Nate Leinweber, Superintendent

Learn more about building a career at McGill Restoration by going online to or call Omaha (402) 558-7989 for more information.