ShelfGenie ( knows what real organization is! On top of custom shelving, they also are the pros when it comes to updating a closet. Their closets are designed to the client’s needs, including the use of drawers, custom pullout shelving, and the height of closet rods that work for their clothing. ShelfGenie also does a no-cost, no obligation visit with the client to design a solution that is customized to their needs. Plus, their products have a lifetime warranty, so it is a one-time purchase.

Some of ShelfGenie’s clients also add lighting to the sides of their closets or other spaces to offer additional illumination. This especially helps when the closet or cabinet has little light, and provides assistance to people with limited eyesight. If you think ShelfGenie’s services can be beneficial to you, reach out to them today to get in touch with a designer.

Every square inch of any closet is prime real estate.  Give your space an organizational upgrade with one of these genius storage ideas for small closets. When a closet is well organized and easily accessible, you have peace of mind, which adds to your quality of life. When unorganized, closets can really weigh you down. This is even more important for smaller closets, where there is little room for error. ShelfGenie has the tips and tricks to get your closet in the best shape it can be in!

1. Expand Closet Space from Floor to Ceiling

Lacking closets in your older home? Adding a reach-in closet that spans from floor to ceiling is an elegant solution to upgrade your entire room. Another way to expand your space? Use mirrors on your sliding closet doors. Visually, mirrors expand any cramped space.

2. Find Studs, Add Shelves

If you find unused wall space in your closet, think about adding shelves. Shelf options are unlimited—metal, natural wood, laminated particleboard. Find which shelf brackets will best sustain the shelves you desire. Then, locate your wall studs. If needed, you can even install a mounted cabinet to serve as an extra closet.

3. Baskets & Bins

It can be unsightly to see stacks of clothing when the closet or shelving space is exposed. Baskets are a beautiful way to contain your things and maintain your closet’s aesthetic harmony. Options range from wicker baskets to linen bins to removable fabric bins to drop-front boxes. These elegant boxes, made in shirt or sweater-size, protect your clothing from dust, wrinkles and time.

4. Master Your Shoes

Shoes take up a lot of space, and when this area is disorganized, locating the right pair can be maddening. Stack your shoes behind doors, hang them in shoe organizers, or organize them on their own shelves. Plastic or linen drop-front shoe boxes can also help you protect and organize your shoes. For small closets, try stacking drop-front shoe boxes in the corner. These can be stacked high, yet shoes remain easily accessed by the drop-front door.

5. Think Outside the Box

When it comes to closet solutions that maximize space, thinking out of the box is what ShelfGenie does. Their custom solutions are individually tailored to your specific needs. ShelfGenies’s quality products and lifetime guarantees will improve your home’s value, as well as your daily quality of life. Schedule a ShelfGenie free design consultation to evaluate and optimize all your home’s problem areas to make your organization dreams come true.

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