Malone Center Welcomes Mismiki Montgomery to Lead New Youth Program

Toward ensuring high-quality opportunities for the Lincoln community, the Clyde Malone Community Center ( created a new position to oversee the school-aged and preschool programs, hiring Mismiki Montgomery to serve as the new Youth Program Director. Mismiki has a breadth of experience working with children and youth in the community, having worked as an elementary school teacher at Lincoln Public Schools and, most recently, as a lecturer/lead teacher at the Ruth Staples Child Development Lab. With Miki’s leadership, the Malone Center expects some exciting changes to be coming.

Class enrollment is on the rise for the Malone Center’s Early Achievers Academy, an educational preschool program that partners with the University of Nebraska’s Child, Youth and Family Studies Department and serves children ages 3-5. The mission of the Academy is to level the playing field by providing high-quality early education for low-income families and is operated on the belief that children learn through play. The curriculum includes individualization and emphasizes positive guidance.

The Center’s Out-of-School Youth Program serves students from kindergarten through eighth grade, providing after-school transportation from 13 local elementary and middle schools and transportation home at the end of the day. It provides a safe, nurturing, and structured environment for students to spend their time after school, while also offering opportunities to engage in programs currently focused on outdoor education, mindfulness and mental health, peer-group mentoring, online tutoring, and various “craftivities.”

Since 1955, the Clyde Malone Community Center has created and facilitated programs to combat the racial disparities and inequities in justice, healthcare, and social systems. Learn more at or call (402) 474-1110.