Lloyd Kaburu Takes Over Ownership of Pheasant Bar & Grill

Pheasant Bar & Grill (pheasantbarandgrill.com), also known as the best karaoke bar in Millard, is now under new ownership. After being a loyal patron for 13 years, Lloyd Kaburu decided to purchase the bar when he heard it was up for sale. Lloyd moved to the United States from Kenya in order to provide better opportunities for his wife and two daughters. When they arrived, Lloyd went back to school while his wife restarted her career to become a nurse. He became a regular at Pheasant Bar & Grill after visiting the establishment for the first time. It became a place where he could take family and friends to enjoy delicious food and a positive atmosphere.

Lloyd is proud to be the new owner of Pheasant Bar & Grill and he looks forward to continue its legacy of being a great place for drinks, grub, and a good time!

Join the fun at Pheasant Bar & Grill, located at 13909 S. Plaza., for Happy Hour every weekday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and karaoke on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday evenings. The bar is complete with a pool table, darts, and other games that are good for blowing off some steam. To check out the menu, visit pheasantbarandgrill.com or learn more by calling (402) 895-3311.