Brookestone Meadows ( is proud to share the work done by one of their team members, Duane Bodewitz. While the Brookestone Meadows community has been recently undergoing renovations, Duane has been taking the old and creating something new.

Duane has a knack for creating beautiful angel and bird houses along with birdfeeders while he is not on the clock. He has salvaged materials such as wooden cabinet panels that were previously at the nurse’s stations, flooring that has been removed from the dining areas, and other knickknacks found around the Brookestone Meadows community. He has even repurposed downed branches from the property along with decommissioned popcorn machines and made them into works of art.

Duane has created numerous bird houses with fun themes such as grandfather clock-inspired houses, western-themed outhouses, birdfeeders made with recycled glass bottles, and picnic benches for birds to perch on.

Duane’s craftsmanship can be admired and purchased from Brookestone’s O.W.L.S Nest (Older Workers in the Lord’s Service). He has graciously donated his works in hopes of driving fundraising efforts. Duane works in the maintenance department and is truly a staple of the Brookestone community. It is amazing to see items re-purposed instead of tossed.

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