BranchPattern Announces Hiring of Mike Parker to Omaha Engineering Team

BranchPattern ( recently announced the hiring of Mike Parker to their Omaha engineering team as a project manager. In his new role, Mike will be managing projects, clients, and contributing to creating high-performing buildings and environments as a mechanical engineer. Mike is excited to be on the BranchPattern engineering team and working towards building better, more natural environments for people. The buildings that Mike will help create will be created to have natural-feeling acoustics that reduce stress, optimal planning and placement of security and telecom systems, optimized environmental and energy efficiency, better use of daylight, airflow, and ventilation, and efficient mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and technology systems. Mike is passionate about helping people live better lives and is looking forward to creating sustainable, nature-inspired environments that others can thrive in.

BranchPattern is a commercial engineering and building consultancy firm in Omaha that designs buildings that are energy-efficient, environmentally-conscious, and human-centric. Their human-centered design puts people at the core of everything they think, create, and do, allowing them to improve people’s lives by creating Better Built Environments® through building solutions that optimize energy while placing a focus on people’s safety. To learn more about BranchPattern, visit