PepperJax Grill (, an Omaha-founded restaurant chain that for a time moved its headquarters out of Nebraska, has returned its corporate flag to the city where it started 20 years ago.

The restaurant, positioning itself for area growth, bought and opened a nearly 4,000-square-foot building off of 144th St. and Interstate 80 for its national operations and field team base.

The stand-alone structure is near one of PepperJax’s newly opened Omaha area stores. Nationally, the fast-casual restaurant chain, which features the Philly cheesesteak sandwich and more, made to order in front of the customer, has about 30 stores in five states.

Besides Nebraska, PepperJax is in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and South Dakota.

“Staging ourselves for growth, we wanted to have a hub in our home roots,” said Erin Palladino, chief operating officer. “We started in Omaha, so for us it’s kind of this poetic thing about returning with a headquarters right back where it all began.”

The Omaha return caps a series of shifts that included an ownership change in 2016. This change took the headquarters from Omaha to Denver. In late 2017, another new owner took over, and Nebraska native Brett Weis soon after moved the corporate team and headquarters to Kearney, Nebraska.

PepperJax has been firing up their grills to create good food made just for you, in a place where you and your friends feel right at home. They plan to continue to develop Nebraska and areas surrounding their current locations. For more information, go to, or follow them at