In 2020, the Outlook Enrichment ( team provided over 1,500 hours of service to people with vision loss. These hours continue to grow, and the team is expanding programming to help people through every aspect of their vision loss journey.

Started in 2020, the Independent Living program expanded in 2022. The 2020 virtual sessions focused on changes in cleaning procedures to keep individuals and families safe, using safety precautions when using sighted guides, and adaptive aids for labeling and organization. In 2021, the team added monthly Zoom workshops on independent daily living tasks such as safe cooking skills and home organization. The Independent Living program now includes small group classes and in-home services.

Started in 2022, Enrichment’s Braille Training program offers individualized one-on-one training twice a week and small group class sessions. The course prepares individuals to complete daily tasks such as labeling and notetaking. Advanced coursework is available using JAWS with refreshable Braille displays for individuals who are deaf-blind or for the workplace. This program also offers Technical assistance to projects providing training in the use of braille for personnel providing services or educational services to youth and adults who are blind.

Enrichment’s Transition Services provide support, information, and strategies regarding an individual’s transitional stages, particularly into adulthood, and offer strategies to cope with these challenges. These services help families find community-based services and provide assistance in all facets of life to ensure youth can make successful transitions to community living.

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