Nebraska Animal Loving Advocates Partners with The Artemis Project to Rescue Dogs

Nebraska Animal Loving Advocates (NALA, recently partnered with The Artemis Project to rescue 56 dogs that were awaiting medical care. Together, the volunteers were able to give these dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds a look at their new life by vetting and feeding them before ending the day at their foster family’s home. NALA also participated in the Pick-A-Pooch pet adoption event this past July at the Baxter Arena.

NALA’s mission is to revolutionize the way people think about animals and animal rescue, educating them about the dangers of puppy mills and the realities of backyard breeders. They work to provide loving homes to all dogs and cats that they encounter, including the feral, unwanted, damaged, and the lost. NALA believes that every living creature deserves love and has so much love to offer. They approach this mission through their core values of love for all living things and faith that our culture can change, creating a world where rescues are no longer needed. Those interested in adopting, fostering, volunteering, donating, or learning more, visit