The Malone Maternal Wellness (MMW) program of the Clyde Malone Community Center ( is celebrating their second year of operations.

Malone Maternal Wellness programs are dedicated to combating the disparities and inequities in Black maternal health while providing safe and culturally competent care. The programs are led by BIPOC individuals and focus on education, empowerment, support, and client services during pregnancy and the years after childbirth.

The center provides birth classes, pregnancy and childbirth doulas, postpartum birth doulas, and breastfeeding support programs.

Since May 2019, the breastfeeding support programs have served over 34 BIPOC families, 100% of the families breastfed for 6+ months, 60% of the families breastfed for 1+ year, and 30% of the families breastfed for 2+ years while enrolled in our programs.

The MMW programs in Lincoln and Omaha have provided 252 postpartum visits, $25,000 worth of nutritious groceries, and 960 hours of in-person and virtual breastfeeding education and location support. They have also attended 50 births, taught 41 birthing classes, and enrolled 49 new clients since September 2021.

The Malone Community Center started in 1955 as a community center in the midst of the civil rights era as a platform for creating racial and socioeconomic equality. To learn more about the Malone Maternal Wellness program, go to For more information about the Clyde Malone Center, visit or contact them directly at (402) 474-1110.