Cross Electronic Recycling Announces Collection Events for Electronics

Cross Electronic Recycling has announced multiple electronic collection events that are scheduled for April and May. These events are scattered throughout the city and are open to the public.

Cross Electronic Recycling will accept anything with a cord, battery or motor—as small as a cell phone to as large as a car, and everything in between! This includes computers, televisions, large appliances, vehicles, and so much more. See a complete list of items online at as well as information on current environmental fees.

All items are used for Cross Training Center’s vocational training and work experience program. The program is specifically designed for those who have chronic barriers to employment due to being under educated, incarceration, homelessness, challenging mental or emotional disorders or who live in chronic poverty for numerous reasons. When you recycle electronics, you help two great causes: the impoverished to become employed and saving our environment. Learn more at / Contact Mike Bunach for information on times and locations at / (402) 590-2100.