Christian Record Services ( regularly produces magazines for individuals who are blind or visually impaired. One of these magazines is LIGHT Magazine, which is produced bi-monthly in braille, audio, large-print, and PDF formats. LIGHT Magazine offers a Christian perspective on personal relationships, independent living, health, and other issues of current interest. Each edition includes a crossword or word search puzzle.

One member shared what the magazine means to them: “I love getting LIGHT in the mail. I feel like the writers really get it. They make me think. They challenge me to grow spiritually. They encourage me when I need it the most. There’s just nothing else like it for me.”

Each issue includes articles written by a wide range of authors who also benefit from being able to share with the members.

“You’ve given me a chance to inspire and educate visually impaired and blind people about life, spirituality, and how to live in this world. I can’t tell you how much it means—I’ve always been called to help people like me, speaking from shared experience. Writing for LIGHT Magazine has become my ministry,” said a writer for the magazine.

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