Midtown Medical Group (midtownmedicalgroup.com) is excited to announce that they are taking their 14 years of expertise, experience, and outstanding customer service in disability evaluation to now help companies with their pre-employment needs by offering physicals, screenings, and drug testing, among other services.

These new services are useful to companies in that they reduce employee healthcare costs; improve employee morale, productivity, and performance; decrease absenteeism, accidents, downtime, turnover, and theft; ensure a business is compliant with state or federal regulations; provide a safe workplace for employees; and much more. In addition, it is recommended that you pre-screen your employees if you provide health insurance, life insurance, or have employees in a physically demanding job. This will help you document an employee’s existing conditions, limitations, and overall physical health.

“As a locally-owned small business, we take pride in serving the Omaha community,” shared President Trisha Sullivan. “Our new services are here to help local companies identify qualified candidates and minimize their risk.”

Midtown Medical Group is a local, 100% female-owned small business established in 2008. Over the last 14 years, they have grown their team of licensed medical providers and psychologists as they’ve expanded their disability evaluation services across two states and 10 locations, becoming Nebraska’s top provider. To learn more, visit midtownmedicalgroup.com or contact Trisha Sullivan at tsullivan@midtownmedicalgroup.com / (402) 558-1440.