Reveal & Heal Health and Wellness Coaching Business Launches in Omaha

There’s a new business in town, and it’s here to help you make the positive changes you want to make in your life. Reveal & Heal is a one-on-one health-and-wellness coaching business run by Emily Gilli, Registered Nurse (RN), certified Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCHC), and JRNI Certified Life Coach. Her professional training and work combined with her personal life experiences led her to create a business focused on helping others get ahead of health and lifestyle issues before they get out of control. Emily focuses on helping clients reveal their character strengths, opportunities, and challenges, and works with them on intentional and strategic goals that help to heal them from the inside out.

Reveal & Heal is currently serving adult male and female clients that generally fit one of two types: One, their doctor has recommended that they do things like reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure, get more sleep, reduce stress, lose weight, exercise more, etc. Or two, they feel that internal pull to change something in their life. For example, they realize their lack of sleep is affecting their work performance or time with their kids but they need help setting a plan in place to make the needed changes. Rather than employing traditional hospital approaches, Reveal & Heal gets to the root cause of the issues that have created unhealthy habits and symptoms, and propels the client toward lifestyle changes that stick.

The goal of Reveal & Heal is to help people set and meet sustainable goals—not to make quick fixes but to achieve lifestyle transformations. For more information, contact Emily at or visit