Hillcrest’s Telehealth Provider, Medocity, Launches COVID-19 Digital Platform

Medocity, a leader in enterprise virtual care technology, launched its COVID-19 screening and remote monitoring solution on March 26 for Hillcrest Home Care (hillcresthealth.com). Built upon Medocity’s flagship Digital Care Platform, the population-based COVID-19 program enables virtual screening, remote symptom monitoring, vital signs tracking, and proactive interventions personalized for any population, including high-risk patients with multiple co-morbidities.

“Coronavirus puts many of our home health clients, particularly those with complex conditions such as COPD and CHF, at far greater risk than before,” said Lauren Wright, administrator of Hillcrest Home Care. “We can now remotely monitor and track changes to temperature, oxygen levels, and other COVID-19 specific symptoms every day. This allows us to quickly identify those requiring additional healthcare attention so that we can provide the right service at the right time.”

In response to the expanding global threat, Medocity accelerated development of a targeted digital program with COVID-19 specific clinical protocols to:

  • Aid in the early identification of possible COVID-19 cases in a population
  • Proactively push frequent, consistent, relevant communications and guidance personalized to each user
  • Allow for real-time active monitoring of individuals and reported symptoms
  • Facilitate timely escalation of care as changes in health status are noted
  • Track and report evolving COVID-19 related population health statistics and trends over time to ensure resources are appropriately deployed

Hillcrest Home Care clinical team members will use their own mobile devices to provide daily self-reported symptom checks to ensure they are healthy and able to report to work. Separately, low-risk at-home patients can use their own mobile devices to perform the same self-assessments. For high-risk COPD and CHF patients, Hillcrest will utilize its existing remote monitoring program with pre-configured tablets and devices supplied by Medocity. Any reported patient-vitals such as temperature, heart rate, or oxygen levels (pulse ox) that are outside pre-determined parameters will trigger real-time clinician alerts and appropriate, proactive COVID-19 interventions.

The Medocity Digital Care Platform is the next generation in early and proactive intervention, enabling their clients to deliver comprehensive virtual care programs for patients with any condition, anywhere in the world, monitoring patient-reported data from hundreds of sources, and applying artificial intelligence to identify anomalies, send out alerts, and intervene when necessary—all in real-time, through one common ecosystem. For more information, visit www.medocity.com.

Hillcrest Home Care offers skilled medical home health and telehealth services to aging adults in 11 counties in Nebraska and Iowa. The agency is part of Hillcrest Health Services, which offers the widest array of senior health care and housing services in the region, including independent and assisted living, memory support, post-acute rehabilitation, long-term care, adult day services, outpatient therapy, home health, hospice and in-home personal care. For more information about Hillcrest’s services, visit hillcresthealth.com.