In November, the Greater Omaha Chamber ( won the Neighborhood Revitalization Laurels Award from the local nonprofit Omaha by Design. The award recognized the Greater Omaha Chamber’s Urban Core Strategic Plan.

The goal of this strategic plan is to maximize the economic development and overall vitality of Greater Omaha’s urban center, stretching from midtown Omaha to the western edge of Council Bluffs. The creation of this plan was all-encompassing, with individuals from the city, private enterprise, development and philanthropic organizations involved.

“We are honored to win this prestigious award. The Urban Core Strategic Plan was a result of involvement by all levels of our community and we would like to thank everyone involved in this important and ongoing project,” said Veta T. Jeffery, president and CEO of the Greater Omaha Chamber.

The strategic plan highlights several key initiatives for Omaha. This will include 11 “Big Move” projects designed to catalyze economic development throughout the broader region. In addition, a Total Mobility System that weaves together shifts in parking management, street reconfigurations, active transportation, and dramatic improvements to public transit. It will also include small-area plans to illustrate the potential for development in several important neighborhoods distributed across the district.

The Greater Omaha Chamber’s mission is to champion a thriving business community and a prosperous region through visionary leadership and collaboration. For more information, you can go to