Young Inventor’s Association of America Targets Omaha in Phase One of Global Launch

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Young Inventor’s Association of America Targets Omaha in Phase One of Global Launch

Omaha native Greg J. Micek, founder of Young Inventor’s Association of America (YIAA;—the brainchild of Houston Inventors Association, is excited to announce plans to take their boots-on-the-ground, 12-week program to a global stage. In the first phase of the launch, YIAA will be targeting the Omaha market and establishing a local presence. The long-term goal is to have local programs launch in communities all over the world. Many coinciding initiatives are currently underway, as well.

In an effort to usher in a new wave of support, YIAA has expanded their team with the addition of Max Martin as executive director and Natalie Pumphrey as program director. They will also be assembling teams of paid staff and volunteers to manage areas such as social media, website, marketing, and showcase judging.

The organization is known for hosting the Young Inventor’s Showcase, an annual worldwide invention competition in Houston, TX. In phase two of the global launch, YIAA will focus on transforming the competition into a virtual “incubator” that will take the most commercially viable ideas to market. Other initiatives include creating quality requirements for YIAA sanctioning, sanctioning existing programs, establishing new invention programs within the home-school system, and collaborating with existing programs that have similar visions.

Stakeholders in the Greater Omaha area are encouraged to engage in the roll-out. Specific resources are sought in mentorship, social media expertise, venture management, and crowdfunding.

Empowering the world’s next inventors, the Young Inventor’s Association of America is a not-for-profit sanctioning body that establishes an approved invention program, controls the quality of execution of the program, and provides support to advocates using the program. Further, YIAA intends to teach the kids how to present as much as how to invent, which creates a second career as product spokesmen/women. To observe the success story of Sean Gilmore and his “Sleepover Pup Tent”, go to Visit the newly revamped website at, which will become the “portal” for the inventor/invention launch with a social-media-driven landing page for each sanctioned program and young inventor, to learn more. Questions can be directed to

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About Greg J. Micek. After having moved to Houston in 1982, Mr. Micek almost immediately sought to deploy his public service instincts. He founded the HIA in 1983, and the YIS in 1988, followed in 2001 by establishing the YIAA. For his efforts,  he was honored in September, 2019 by the Houston Chronicle as a “Houston Hero”.


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