Meridian Clinical Research (, a leading multi-specialty investigative research site network, has acquired North Cliff Consultants, a leader in contract testing services for consumer product manufacturers and retailers. Meridian now has 35 investigative research sites nationwide. Since opening in Omaha in 1999, Meridian has enrolled more than 85,000 patients in 3,400 clinical trials.

North Cliff, which has been in business for more than 35 years, has two sites within the Greater Cincinnati area. The company is well-known for designing and conducting studies to gather meaningful and accurate data and consumer feedback. North Cliff has long provided clinical and sensory testing services to pharmaceutical and medical device developers, as well as contract services for developers, manufacturers, and retailers of consumer products, foods, fragrances, and other household goods.

Meridian partners with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to research new drugs, medical devices, and diagnostics that could improve human health and wellbeing. With this acquisition, Meridian will expand its consumer product and personal care product research capabilities with the addition of North Cliff’s two sites.

Nicole Osborn, founder and CEO of Meridian, said the acquisition will leverage North Cliff’s exceptional consumer research experience to serve companies that rely on robust clinical testing and consumer sentiment data to bring their products to market.

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