Greater Omaha SCORE Announces New Assessment Tool for Entrepreneurs

Greater Omaha SCORE ( is excited to announce a new one-on-one workshop that will be offered starting in October!

Many people wonder if they have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. The Entrepreneur Index Assessment tool helps people discover their personal talents for starting and growing a business. It includes an assessment of the 12 CORE behavioral traits that are highly correlated to successful and satisfied entrepreneurs. These are Optimism, Emotional Resilience, Self-Determination, Social Networking, Self-Promotion, Competitiveness, Goal Setting, Work Drive, Tolerance for Financial Insecurity, Adaptability, Autonomy, and Persistence. It will address your strengths, weaknesses, predicted success, and predicted satisfaction. Individuals may take the assessment and then a SCORE mentor will meet with them, free of charge, to review the assessment and discussion of their potential business idea.

Who would benefit from taking the Assessment? Those who are exploring the possibility of becoming an entrepreneur, existing entrepreneurs, and corporate intrapreneurs are all ideal candidates. For more information, call (402) 221-3606.

Greater Omaha SCORE is an all-volunteer, not for profit resource partner of the US Small Business Administration (SBA) that provides no cost mentoring and workshop training to entrepreneurs starting a business and ongoing small businesses to grow and prosper.

Entrepreneurs interested in SCORE’s services or individuals interested in being a SCORE volunteer may contact SCORE at (402) 221-3606,, or