B&G Tasty Foods (nexcrossing.com) will return to the Omaha area this summer at Nebraska Crossing outlet mall near Gretna. The restaurant should open sometime in June or July.

It will open in the 4,500-square-foot former location of Local Beer, Patio and Kitchen right across from Voodoo Taco, with a dining room, takeout service accompanied by parking that will allow customers to run in and pick up their food and — unlike the original — a drive-thru.

Through an app, shoppers will also be able to order at kiosks in the mall and skip the line when they arrive at the restaurant.

“It will be as old-school as it had been but with modern conveniences,” owner Nick Bartholomew said.

He bought rights to the name, logo, recipes and other materials in 2020 from owner Eddie Morin, who closed the 66-year-old restaurant in Beverly Hills Plaza near 79th and Dodge streets on Memorial Day 2019. Over the next several years, he hopes to place B&G outlets across the metro area. The Nebraska Crossing location should open sometime in June or July, he said, and a second location should follow in 2024 — either the one on 90th Street or at a different spot close to the site of the original.

Find out more about B&G Tasty Foods by going to Nebraska Crossing’s website at nexcrossing.com.