Now in its 10th year, LincTrack GPS Solutions ( is recognized on a national level as a company that sells reliable and easy-to-install fleet management GPS solutions to any size of fleet with the latest 4G technology. LincTrack is the largest GPS supplier in the Midwest, and the company has earned an honorable reputation among its customers.

According to Owner Kelly Jensen, “Our products, such as the easy Plug N Play devices, give businesses the ability to look up the current location and position history of their fleet, receive speed and landmark alerts when driving, track job times, and enjoy other extensive reporting features. And there really is no installation time. It’s plug it in and go.”

If high fleet operation costs are causing you frustration, there’s an answer. LincTrack GPS Solutions can help you resolve problems such as high fuel expenses, untracked job time, and long idle times. Other benefits include lower insurance, improved routing inefficiencies, reduced vehicle wear and tear, increased driver safety, and ability to monitor exact time spent on job sites.

GPS Vehicle Tracking — See with pinpoint accuracy where your vehicles are in real-time, intelligently dispatch, and optimize your fleet by staying ahead of vehicle maintenance.

GPS Heavy Equipment Tracking — Understand the movement and usage of your powered and non-powered heavy equipment to improve performance, productivity, and utilization.

GPS Asset Tracking — Receive deep visibility into trailer and yard operations to maximize utilization and improve operational efficiency.

Driveri, a GPS Smart Camera — Driveri is an AI-powered processor that provides helpful, fact-based feedback that will make your drivers safer than ever before, making your organization proactive rather than reactive. This technology can protect drivers from false claims and not at-fault accidents. In addition, Driveri automatically detects high gForce, distracted drivers, driver drowsiness, speeding violations, hard braking, following distance, seatbelt compliance, and more.

We’ve worked with LincTrack for many years, and our business is better because of it. It’s brought so much peace of mind and accountability into the work we do. The GPS tracking has helped us avoid a lot of headaches and we’ve saved thousands of dollars in wasted fuel and labor time. Kelly is awesome to work with too. He always makes himself available if we have any questions. It’s obvious that Kelly believes in these products and takes a lot of pride in being able to offer solutions to fleet owners like myself.
– Dan Setlak, owner of Hearland Lawns

(402) 314-0037