The McGill Way: It Defines Who We Are And What We Do

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The McGill Way: Our company’s culture is a set of norms and practices, a feeling, a personality – it defines who we are and what we do.

McGill Restoration looks much different today than it did at its inception, 33 years ago. Despite the many recent changes and significant growth, McGill Restoration has maintained its foundation of providing high-quality work and steadfast commitment to client satisfaction. The major areas of growth for the company have been personnel, technology, company culture and geographic market.

McGill Restoration used 2017 as a year to grow and refocus. They grew by creating five new positions, adding key management personnel to their team.

One of the most important investments that McGill Restoration made in 2017 was a culture branding initiative. The culture initiative allowed McGill Restoration to better define their identity and values. The result of the culture branding initiative is The McGill Way.

In short, The McGill Way defines the company’s culture and acknowledges those who exemplify it. Tim McGill, President and owner of McGill Restoration said, “We realize that our greatest assets are our employees. In order to allow our employees to continue their successes, it was important for us to develop a culture that recognizes their significant contributions and rewards their accomplishments.” The McGill Way includes monthly recognition of two individuals who demonstrate the company’s core values through their behaviors and attitudes. Fellow employees vote to determine The McGill Way winners.

Tim McGill believes that the company’s culture is a key component of employee satisfaction and engagement. McGill states, “A positive company culture that allows employees to become empowered to make a difference is essential to any company’s success. One of our greatest challenges in 2017 was finding the necessary, high-caliber people to join our team. When searching for additional hires, we made a concerted effort to find people who had not just the necessary skills and training, but also had the commitment to our company values and culture. My philosophy has always been to surround myself with highly capable people, provide them with the right tools and the necessary training to do their jobs well, and watch them succeed.”

Along with adding more team members, McGill Restoration spent 2017 as a year of reinvestment in itself. They made significant investments to have up-to-date, cutting-edge technology, which effectively restructured the whole process in which McGill Restoration conducts business. Every aspect of their business including bid creation, project tracking, accounting, time reporting and payroll is now done with one integrated system. This new technology allows McGill Restoration to be more analytical and responsive to constantly changing markets and projects.

In 2017, McGill Restoration increased their presence in several of their key market segments. Department of Transportation (DOT) and Infrastructure projects have become a larger segment of work produced and in turn, have earned a place in their long-term strategic business plan.

According to Darin Cielocha, Vice President of Business Development, “2018 will be an exciting year for McGill Restoration. With all of the legwork that was done last year building out our team and developing new technology products, we have the tools we need to bring the company to a new level.”McGill Restoration-logo


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