Good Life Retirement Solutions – Let Our Family Help Yours

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Good Life Retirement Solutions – Let Our Family Help Yours

Good Life Retirement Solutions-ThumbnailWhen I established Good Life Retirement Solutions, I wanted to keep our goals simple: Help provide financial security for families and give back to our community. Looking back at the last year, I feel we have done both of those things very well. It has been a privilege to meet so many great people and learn about their successes, challenges, and what is important to them.

As a locally owned and operated company, we pride ourselves on giving back to the community. Our goal is to give 30% of revenue back to the organizations and groups helping people every day. This work, at least for me, has challenged the traditional definition of success. Success for many is tied to a financial goal, and achieving it brings the lifestyle and security that they seek. Others that I have gotten to know define success in other ways that aren’t always front of mind.

Nate Gay at Trinity Fitness is someone who comes to mind for me. He runs a non-profit, ministry-driven fitness center in Lincoln, NE. Good Life Retirement Solutions started sponsoring Trinity Fitness because we believe in and support the great work that he and his organization is doing. Success for him is measured by the lives he can impact in a positive way. It’s our mission to help people like Nate and organizations like Trinity Fitness in fulfilling their goals. This is the way we want to help make a positive impact.

Good Life Retirement Solutions can help individuals, families, and businesses with several retirement and insurance needs. We currently work with nearly 50 different companies, so we can provide options that are best suited to each individual situation. At Good Life Retirement Solutions, we don’t market any products that are variable. This means premiums cannot be lost due to market volatility. Our focus is on safety and security for those with whom we work.

We have a no-pressure process which doesn’t involve a sales presentation. When we initially meet with someone, we like to gather information so we can provide several options that will meet their specific goals. Sometimes this means telling someone that their situation is great as it is and we wouldn’t recommend changing a thing. Those meetings can be some of the most fulfilling; it’s great to see people go from concerned to feeling at ease with their situation.

I would encourage anyone who is near or in retirement to sit down with us to talk about their situation. There is never a charge to work with us and there is no account too small. We are also happy to help with the needs of individuals and families of all ages. Planning ahead will always be a better option than waiting until the last minute. Our team of professionals at Good Life Retirement Solutions would love to do whatever we can to help provide some peace of mind.

Anyone that would like to speak with a company representative can call our office at (402) 260-7861 or contact me directly at or (402) 419-3426.

-Andy Storz, owner of Good Life Retirement Solutions, featured on the cover.

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