Don’t let unexpected internet loss stop your business

Losing your power or internet connection can bring your workday to a complete stop. You can’t process payments, access files, use your email, and your employees lose access to essential resources.

Business disruptions like these can result in thousands of dollars in lost revenue and tank end-user productivity. It can also impact customers who rely on your business. Intangible costs, such as reputational damage, may have lasting effects on your company and put your bottom line at risk.

Losing power or internet may seem unlikely, but unfortunately, interruptions do happen. Finding the source of the problem and getting repairs started may take time. Unexpected disruptions like these can be difficult for SMBs (small and medium sized businesses), and without backup services, your company may lose revenue and customers. Business owners need to have backup internet solutions as part of their disaster recovery efforts to support business continuity. Fortunately, there’s a solution that will kick in automatically during an unexpected internet loss — Cox Business Net Assurance.

Net Assurance provides high-availability connectivity and combats internet interruptions in two ways. First, if there is a loss of internet access, wired and private Wi-Fi connections will automatically failover to an LTE wireless network. Second, in the event of power loss, an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) battery backup with surge protection provides around four hours of power to keep systems on.

Events like storms and even construction can impact your day-to-day business operations. Dan Kavan, Managing Partner for Firstwatch Daytime Café, knows this firsthand. “With the increasing amount of road construction and building construction that has been happening in and around Omaha, there have been many times that the internet has gone down due to someone disrupting a line, which causes us to have to run systems off line. As any business owner would tell you, that’s a risk because you can’t confirm availability of funds which can mean multiple denied credit cards.”

“Loss of power shouldn’t result in a productivity outage, too. Today’s businesses need reliable connectivity service to keep operations running smoothly,” said Jayte Burns, director of sales, Cox Business. “Net Assurance will reduce downtime and give businesses the protection and peace of mind they need to keep their teams online.”

Cox Business Net Assurance is always working in the background to provide a reliable backup solution. The service automatically chooses from multiple wireless providers and automatically selects the best connection for customers, so there is no need for customer intervention.

Kavan also shares, “It is all about the customer and Net Assurance is just another tool to make their experience better. They may never know that we have it, or that the internet is down, but that’s the goal – make it a smooth and quick-flowing process.”

In addition, businesses can also sign up for proactive notifications for changes in their network statuses, receive round-the-clock customer care, and access to MyAccount online tools — all for one low monthly fee.

Learn how to add Cox Business Net Assurance to your business internet plan by contacting Cox Business.