Hip-hip-hooray for the holidays! The next three months are sure to spread fun and cheer with exciting seasonal events and celebrations. While the holidays may still seem far away to some, it is never a bad idea to start planning early — and with the whirlwind holiday season we all experienced in 2020, this year’s is extra special. When getting ready for seasonal festivities, remember to support our local business community by making them your choice for all of your holiday activities and celebrations. For this Holiday Planning story, we spoke to a couple local businesses on ways that they can help you and your family prep for and enjoy the most joyful season of the year.

Celebrate Like It’s 1980 Something

Reminisce on the holidays spent in the 80’s by inviting the office out for a night at Retro Rewind 80’s Nightclub (retrorewinddanceparty.com). Retro Rewind is an upscale 1980’s inspired nightclub with fun drinks, 80’s music, flashing lights, and a lot of dancing.

“Retro Rewind is a destination,” said Owner Joe Cascio. “It’s an entertainment venue with drinks, music, and dancing! When you visit, expect to hear all your favorite music from artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, Milli Vanilli, MC Hammer, and more.”

For smaller groups looking to party, reserve one of their two VIP areas and spoil your clients or employees with some premium bottle service, or if you have a larger group, join Retro Rewind on Thursdays, Fridays, or Saturdays to hear their DJ playing all your favorite 80’s hits.

This year, celebrate the spooky season with them on Saturday, October 30, for their 2021 Halloween Bash. Doors will open at 8 p.m. with a $5 entrance. There will be a costume contest for Best 80s Outfit or Character, with cash prizes for first and second place: $500 and $250! Deadline to register is the night of the event at 10:30 p.m., with the contest being held at 11 p.m.

Even if you aren’t looking to throw a party for your staff and clients, you can still celebrate the holidays with them by enjoying some beverages in a cool, retro atmosphere. On Thursdays, Retro Rewind offers half-priced drinks for the whole crew to enjoy, and on Fridays and Saturdays, the party starts as early as 9 p.m. and goes as late as 2 a.m. The holidays are a great time to show your clients and employees how much you appreciate their business and service, so treat them to a drink or two at a club that everyone – even babies beyond the 80’s – will enjoy!

Celebrate – All Year Long!

Jen Keller
Halo Custom Lighting

Imagine if you never had to take down your Christmas lights, and you could leave them up year-round, changing the colors to reflect different monthly seasons and celebrations. It’s possible! Halo Custom Lighting (halocustomlighting.com) offers a permanent solution to all of your outdoor lighting needs. With this option, you can experience worry-free, hassle-free outdoor holiday, game day, and special occasion lighting year-round.

“They are maintenance-free and low-profile with a discreet design, and can be controlled through a free mobile app and connect via WiFi/Bluetooth,” said Jen Keller with Halo. “Choose from 4,228,250,625 different color options, including warm white or cool white. You can even control each individual bulb, which allows for a complete customization for everyday accent lighting.”

These lights are waterproof, climate-tested, and are rated to last 55,000 hours. Contact Halo Custom Lighting today to light up your home for the holidays and never hang lights again!

Healthy Holiday Sweets

Tasty treats are one of the most fun parts of the holidays, so give your crew something to drool over by ordering sweets from The Omaha Bakery (theomahabakery.com). Their menu includes intricate cakes, a variety of cheesecake flavors, soft breads that come in rolls or loaves, and brownies and bars that can be custom designed to fit the occasion.

Sweets are popular among holiday festivities, but they can also be a temptation for individuals who are working on improving their health and watching their diet. For those who are on a low-carb diet but want to indulge for the holidays, make things easier by ordering off the ketogenic menu at The Omaha Bakery. They are always trying out new keto recipes for desserts and offering new items, so give them a call to find out what they’ve got baking. From cookies to pumpkin loaves, The Omaha Bakery always has something sweet and healthy up their sleeve.

Michelle Kaiser
Omaha Bakery

“We offer a keto brownie pack, which is ideal for the person looking to achieve or sustain a low-carb and high-fat diet,” said Michelle Kaiser, founder. “Each pack contains nine brownie bars and three assorted flavors, including lemon, which is made from fresh lemon juice and zest, zebra cheesecake brownies, and carrot cake bars made with cream cheese frosting and chopped pecans.”

Even those who are not on a keto diet love The Omaha Bakery’s ketogenic desserts because they keep their bodies clean while offering a delicious bite of heaven. Michelle herself has lost 125 pounds from living a keto lifestyle, and now recognition for her tasty baked keto goods are raising eyebrows all around the Omaha area for being unbelievably healthy. Their keto products are not restricted to dessert bars; they also provide keto-friendly breads, pizza dough, donuts, cinnamon rolls, and more.

“All of our keto products at The Omaha Bakery are designed according to our four guiding principles: nutrition, convenience, taste, and affordability,” Michelle shared. “Because our products are made by keto people, for keto people, you’ll never see a complicated list of ingredients, sugars, fillers, or hidden starches. It’s important that every consumer trusts the ingredients The Omaha Bakery has used in the production of their sweet treats.”

Don’t let the temptation of sweet treats everywhere cause you stress about falling off the wagon this holiday season – enjoy desserts that taste just as good as the non-keto products by ordering from The Omaha Bakery!

Festivities at the Farm

It’s time to start planning your holiday parties, and Bellevue Berry & Pumpkin Ranch (bellevueberryfarm.com) has catered lodges that make a great venue for celebrations. For catering, they specialize in BBQ meats and farm fresh salads, much of which is produced on the farm. They also offer many ethnic meals along with vegetarian dishes. In a catered party, your crew will receive an all-you-can-eat meal (two meats and three side dishes); drinks of lemonade, ice tea, coffee, and water; and the lodge rental for six hours. Bellevue Berry’s lodges have outdoor areas where groups can enjoy a campfire and fresh air in the country, as well as play areas for the kids. The farm also has a liquor license and can provide your party with a refreshing glass of keg beer. Bellevue Berry’s lodges and bathrooms are wheelchair and handicap accessible. They have several lodges with varying capacities to fit your seating chart and budget. Christmas is an especially great time to be celebrating at the farm, as the environment is decorated to the nines with Christmas lights. Contact Bellevue Berry today to start planning your holiday party!

It’s never too early to start planning for the holidays, and we recommend these local businesses to help you get a head start on one of the busiest times of the year. During the season of giving, remember to give back to the community, too, by supporting local businesses. Whether you are joining in on fun seasonal festivities or doing some holiday gift shopping, your support makes a difference!