Entertaining Clients

Within the landscape of business, loyalty and gratitude go a long way. It’s very important to keep relationships with business partners and clients strong, as they are the ones who make your business possible. This can be done through extending your hospitality and hosting a client appreciation event, gifting clients with useful items or enjoyable experiences, or any other type of gesture that entertains your clients and shows them that you value them. One of the simplest ways to show client appreciation is through a good, old-fashioned get-together. Whether this is an event you choose to host at your office or at an off-site venue, the majority of people are satisfied with free food, drinks, and the chance to network.

If you do choose to host an event at your workplace, part of the planning is making sure that your office is clean and presentable. One locally-owned business that can help you achieve a tidy office is 360 Clean LLC. 360 Clean utilizes trained cleaning specialists and hospital-grade disinfectant to make sure any office space is in tip-top condition, whether that is for everyday use or a special occasion. Their team of professionals are committed to meeting the individual needs of each client by creating a customized cleaning regime tailored to the commercial or residential property at hand. Cleaning can take up a lot of time, so for some companies, they can’t afford to have their staff take on extra tasks in preparation for an in-house event. On top of that, there are some cleaning considerations that require someone who knows what they are doing. In the end, you’ll be relieved you hired professionals to take care of the nooks and crannies—your guests will surely be pleased.

Dan O’Brien
Acadian Grille

If you’re considering hosting an out-of-office appreciation event, there are so many amazing venues in Omaha to choose from! It’s hard to go wrong with the classic wine and dine approach, so we recommend treating your clients to some delicious Cajun food in the clean, relaxed environment at Acadian Grille. “Whether you’re hosting a large group of people or just taking someone for lunch, we can make sure to provide quality service and, more importantly, extraordinary food,” Dan O’Brien, owner of Acadian Grille, informed us. “What’s great about us is that we have such a unique flavor. Most of the time we see that clients appreciate the adventurous choice over a more traditional place. It’s fun watching people break down their walls of formality with some shrimp or catfish po boys, gator bites, traditional gumbo, and other raw Cajun staples. We also have burgers, pastas, soups, and salads, all of which incorporate the flavors of the South. Our selection of beers and wines are appreciated by our guests as well.”

“I’ve always known that food just has a way of bringing people together,” added Dan. “If you really want to show a client that you appreciate all the business they bring, what better way is there than to sit down with them and talk, drink, and eat great food?”

Another off-site destination in the Omaha area to take your clients is Bellevue Berry & Pumpkin Ranch. With the unique look of each barn, it has become a popular venue for those looking for a country-themed event with barnwood esthetics. It’s a tranquil area, but inside the spaces you can find all the amenities one would need to host an event. Audio and video hook-ups are available at most properties on-site. Some of the best BBQ can be sampled by your guests, as well as a full service bar to allow for a fully customizable experience. All groups small or large enjoy their time at the farm!

Ed Schaefer
Bellevue Berry & Pumpkin Ranch

“Plan ahead so you can budget and customize for your group,” advised Ed Schaefer, owner of Bellevue Berry & Pumpkin Ranch. “Getting ahead on event planning allows you to find options that don’t break the bank and give you the flexibility to schedule dates that work best for your guests. We find the best way to show clients that you appreciate them is to get a team involved in coordinating the experience for your get-together. We provide a space for entertaining, food/drink options and fun add-on’s like a hayrack ride or a campfire with s’mores for your group.”

As Ed emphasized, timing can be one of the biggest challenges when planning appreciation efforts. You want to make sure you pick a day/time that can work for the majority of people you are inviting. Another thing to consider is the menu items that accommodate everyone in your group. You can work with your venue organizer to think of food/beverage options for dietary restrictions so everyone can enjoy.

“It’s important to set aside time to show clients you appreciate them,” Ed continued. “It’s a good opportunity to get to know them outside of the office in a personal way. Providing the opportunity to connect with your client can ultimately bring you clear understanding on how you can help them reach their goals.”

Michelle Kaiser
The Omaha Bakery

However, sometimes it makes more sense to arrange something for your client to enjoy on their own. Even though it’s nice to show your appreciation through an activity you can enjoy together, helping that relationship grow stronger, some clients definitely prefer their space or would find it a lot more meaningful if you gave them something they could enjoy with people of their choice like friends and family members. Michelle Kaiser, owner of The Omaha Bakery, told us about how to give a gift to a client that will truly be a treat to them!

“One of the most popular gifts our customers give their clients are our personalized eight-inch cakes,” shared Michelle. “We have a variety of flavor and design options that look and taste delicious. A lot of the time, businesses take an opportunity to appreciate a client if they give them a good referral or if it’s a new client that they want to thank for their trust. I’ve also seen businesses send breakfast trays, cheesecakes, or even some of our famous peanut butter cinnamon rolls.”

“One recent change that I’ve seen is people are starting to be more health conscious,” Michelle explained. “For example, a large pharmaceutical company orders from us and sends their clients a batch of Keto brownies. The low carbohydrate, sugar-free treats that we sell are healthy but still scrumptious! I’m constantly trying to think up new recipes and how to fit them into my own Keto lifestyle. I think gift giving is all about knowing what your client would want while still representing what you stand for as a brand.”

It’s also important to remember not to overdo it budget wise. Always keep gifts in proportion to how much a client’s company spends with you. The last thing you want to do is make someone feel uncomfortable with an over-the-top gift.

Whether you host a client appreciation event or you pick out the right gift to show your client you care, it’s important to let the people who have helped you build your brand know that you value their business and relationship.