this column hidden with "temporal-displacement"

this column hidden with "temporal-displacement"

Women-Owned Businesses in Omaha – April 2022

Our bi-annual Women-Owned Businesses feature gives us the wonderful opportunity to highlight female leaders in our community and inspire other women with entrepreneurial ambitions. When [...]

Women-Owned Businesses in Omaha – October 2021

“Successful people are not gifted—they just work hard, then succeed on purpose." – G.K. Nelson The Purple Orchid ( owner, Rachael Sjn, is originally from [...]

Employing Omaha – August 2021

We’re seeing some interesting trends in the workforce in this post-COVID world we’re living in now, especially when it comes to hiring. Though it is [...]

Employing Omaha – May 2021

Every month, Strictly Business celebrates the accomplishments of local businesses and praises the excellent products and services they provide in their fields. Last year, we decided [...]

Women-Owned Businesses in Omaha – April 2021

Vibrant, creative, and big-picture driven, Rachel Bythwood Ayers has built Bythwood Creative (, formerly Bow Kite Design, into a marketing, branding, and events agency for [...]

Women-Owned Businesses in Omaha 2020

This is the first month Strictly Business is running a Women-Owned Businesses feature, and we could not be more thrilled. The reason we felt it [...]

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