Overcoming Misconceptions About Vein Disease in Omaha

People who are suffering from vein disease may not even know that’s what is causing their symptoms—their doctor may not even know! Many people never develop the classic varicosities or spider veins; they more so have symptoms that affect every minute of their day and night. This is why vein disease is so misunderstood. Vein treatment is about so much more than the cosmetic side effects. Symptoms of vein disease can include:

  • Aching, throbbing or heaviness in the legs
  • Restless legs
  • Muscle cramps
  • Dark or ‘tan’ skin discoloration
  • Itching, burning or tingling
  • Sores on the lower legs

When people have heaviness or fatigue in their legs, it keeps them from being active. Over time, their legs become restless and rob them of sleep. When swelling begins, their primary doctor may put them on a variety of medicines to treat their symptoms, like water pills or restless leg medications. Plus, they will likely take over the counter pain medicines because their legs hurt, and perhaps now they are having to take a prescription pain medicine. These patients are in chronic pain, and the pain is made worse by sitting or standing for long periods of time, or an active day at work. Without regular exercise, these people often experience weight gain, depression, and other health problems such as poor skin circulation around the ankles. As a result, people often end up getting infections and ulcers, which are 100% preventable. Especially in diabetics, vein disease can be life and limb threatening.

At VENUS Vein Clinic, they can suggest a treatment plan for vein disease, and they specialize in the most advanced procedures. VENUS is one of the only clinics in the Omaha metro area to offer state of the art Venaseal ablations. They also offer a variety of other treatments such as radiofrequency ablations, ambulatory phlebectomy, sclerotherapy, and compression therapy. Treating this condition is fairly simple with the right doctor, and no down-time is required.

Venaseal Ablation – Venaseal is new technology that uses medical-grade adhesive to close the vein. As with other methods, the problematic vein is closed, and circulation is routed through nearby healthy veins. This improves circulation. Venaseal ablations are very comfortable to undergo and patients feel better almost immediately.

Radiofrequency Ablation – With radiofrequency ablation, heat is delivered inside the affected vein to destroy the vein wall and cause it to seal closed. When this happens, the blood will be naturally redirected to healthy veins. The main advantages of radiofrequency ablation are it is safe, effective, and improves circulation in your legs.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy – Ambulatory Phlebectomy is a procedure where Dr. Schroeder removes the most visible varicosities in a patient’s legs through microincisions. This leads to faster healing and a very pleasing aesthetic appearance afterward.

Sclerotherapy – With Sclerotherapy, an irritant/solution is injected into a varicose vein, causing its walls to collapse. Blood won’t be able to travel through the problem vein any longer, so it will reroute to other nearby healthy veins.

Compression Therapy – This treatment involves the use of compression stockings or compression garments. These support the action of the muscle to help blood circulation, which is why we see professional athletes often wearing them. It’s important to be sized and fit properly for the garment or stocking to be comfortable and provide the best support.

Looking for the Best Vein Treatment Doctor in Omaha? Meet Dr. Kelly Schroeder!

If you need treatment for vein disease in Omaha, Dr. Kelly Schroeder is the person to see. She opened VENUS Vein Clinic because she wanted to help our community address the largely misunderstood condition of vein disease, and create an experience for patients that is both caring and comfortable. Dr. Schroeder is a specialist in the field with a diploma from the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine. In fact, VENUS is the only clinic in Omaha that is run by a Vein and Lymphatic specialist. Dr. Schroeder is a member of the American College of Phlebology.

When you have a consultation with Dr. Schroeder, she will review your medical history and may perform a vascular ultrasound to investigate your vein health. Once a diagnosis is made, Dr. Schroeder will recommend and carry out a course of treatment that will make a significant impact on your quality of life. Imagine living without leg symptoms holding you back from your most active and healthy lifestyle. At VENUS, you can.

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