Sandler Training – Transforming The Lives Of Our Clients

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Sandler Training – Transforming The Lives Of Our Clients

What Sandler Is Not…

We do not provide short-term, feel-good seminars designed to create a burst of happy energy. We are not therapist and do not enter into the realm of psychotherapy.

What Is Sandler?

Sandler is a global sales training and executive coaching firm that empowers corporate leaders, business owners, and sales professionals to interact with the world in a new and powerful way. Sandler Training is an intense, interactive process where successful men and women come to terms with perceived limits of their success and the psychological boundaries that hold them back.

Our engagement is a long-term commitment and creates access to incredible levels of performance in those committed to personal and professional growth. We foster a new understanding of what is possible in the realm of creating powerful leaders and sales teams.

What Our Clients Experience:

Powerful liberated relationships of performance and accountability in themselves and in the life of those they interact with. A culture of leaders and sales teams intentionally creating compelling long-term meaningful relationships. A new perception of fear and how this new perception of fear can be used to reach incredible levels of success. Moving beyond subconscious constraints with the freedom to be and the freedom to act powerfully.

What Our Clients Say:

“Sandler Training is by far one of the most valuable investments our company has made.  As a result of attending Sandler, our franchise revenue ranking went from #12 in the nation to #4! Additionally, the continuous education increased our trading activity by more than 1 million dollars in one month and continues to grow.  You simply cannot ignore the results.  Sandler Sales Training is now mandatory for each member of my staff.”

“Sales revenues in our organization have more than doubled in the last year as a direct result of Sandler Training.”

Is Sandler For You?

If you are ready to take the next step in creating a more powerful organization, for your clients to have an extraordinary experience of you and your organization, and are willing to commit to intense, rigorous training, then Sandler Training is for you.

What You Need To Know:

We work by commitment, agreements, intention and radical honesty to access transformation. We are not a lecture style training; it is highly interactive between the trainers and participants.  With that said, you will never be asked to interact in a way that does not align with you or makes you feel uncomfortable in an undesirable way.

Regardless if you are a company of one or thousands, if you provide professional services, are a non-profit, a call center or product-driven, Sandler can help you and your organization create optimal performance.

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If Sandler Training Calls To You…

If you’ve read the information above and Sandler Training calls to you, or you have additional questions as it pertains to you or your organization participating in our training, contact our Training Center at (402) 403-4334 or email

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