Real Property Management (RPM) Legacy – Celebrating One Year In Omaha!

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Real Property Management (RPM) Legacy – Celebrating One Year In Omaha!

Real Property Management (RPM) Legacy is a full-servce real estate brokerage firm founded with the goal to protect your investment, minimize your costs, and maximize your income—without interrupting your daily life.

Real Property Management (RPM) Legacy ( is celebrating it’s first anniversary of business in Omaha under new owners, Jean and James Duffy. Last fall, after Jean left the corporate world, taking with her a career spanning 30 years, the Duffys decided to open their own independent office in Omaha and haven’t looked back since!

Who We Are

RPM Legacy is an independent franchise of Real Property Management, which was launched in 2005 and is the largest property management organization in North America. As a full-service real estate brokerage firm in Nebraska and Iowa, RPM manages, buys, sells and improves investments; specifically for single family homes and complex buildings. RPM’s mission is to help property owners maximize revenue, minimize expenses, and avoid costly and unnecessary mistakes with their property investments.

What We Do

Our approach is simple. We take the hassle out of managing residential properties. We do this by providing professional, trustworthy property management services, from tenant screening to leasing to maintenance to evictions. Whether you are an investor with several rental homes or an unintentional landlord, we have your solution.

Properties We Manage

We take care of all types of residential rental properties for our clients — houses, condos, multiplexes such as duplex and triplexes, and even small apartment complexes.

Three shared goals that guide the RPM Legacy team include:

  1. To live up to our motto every day: “Service is primary to our business.”
  2. To increase integrity and value of our owners’ properties.
  3. To continue to provide the highest levels of honesty, integrity, and customer service in our day-to-day operations.

We care about the owners and tenants that we serve and are happy to communicate with them. We have gained 10 new properties during our first year with more coming on and expect to continue. There was a tremendous amount of work in the beginning to get it to where we are today.

The RPM Legacy team includes: Jean and James Duffy, Carmela Kramer, and Tracy Daley. These four key team members take a look back at the enjoyment and growth they have experienced this year:

Jean Duffy, president of RPM Legacy, said she enjoys the “independence of owning her own business; dealing with the day-to-day challenges and the reaping in the satisfaction that comes.” Jean likes being her own boss and having the opportunity to learn more about the different areas of Omaha.

James Duffy, co-owner and security advisor of RPM Legacy, (who often goes by the name “Jim”) enjoys working and interacting with owners and tenants. He is also grateful that he has the opportunity to work in the field rather than in an office.

Carmela Kramer, designated real estate broker for RPM Legacy, is a licensed broker with over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry. She is certified in VAPro (Veterans specialization in real estate) and SRS (certified sellers agent). She “enjoys providing assistance to owners, tenants, sellers, and vendors.”

Tracy Daley, administrative assistant for RPM Legacy, enjoys having the “ability to work in a fast-paced environment.” She hopes to continue in this role and expand her experience in the real estate field.

Get the most out of your rental property with the trusted leaders at RPM Legacy. Call today!

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