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Predictive Technology, Inc. (PTI; provides monitoring, management, asset management systems, design, engineering, and installation service solutions for data centers, colocations, computer rooms, telecom, utilities, government, manufacturing, and many other industries. Some of our solutions include, but are not limited to, battery management, DCiM solutions, power, infrastructure monitoring, Rack PDU’s, energy site assessments, UPS’s, leak detection, and more.

Predictive Technology, Inc is a highly diversified technology organization with the vision to provide our customers with the equipment, systems, service, and support that they need in order to maintain the integrity and health of their facility, regardless of their industry type or size. Our mission is to build partnerships with our customers, provide them with a peace of mind, and be their trusted advisor. PTI will never sell a customer a system that doesn’t fit their needs and we will always look out for our customer’s best interest.

AND YES…we answer our phone! You will get a real person—of our friendly staff members, prepared to service your solutions.

We could speak more about ourselves, but it’s best to let our customers speak for us…

PTI does a great job delivering outstanding customer service. When I first started, they took the time to come in and train me on their software and they are always quick to respond to any questions that I have. I have not experienced any problems with their monitoring platform and they are fast on their installation of new services that I have added. I’m glad I am working with them. – Infogroup

We have been dealing with Predictive Technology for about 16 years new and couldn’t be more pleased with the customer service. From the initial system install, upgrades, component replacement, and just general calls for related information, all I have to do is make a quick call and PTI will give me anything I need in a very fast timeframe, usually within minutes. The president of the company, Tim Wilson, gives you the feeling of calling a friend unlike the large corporations that keep just passing you from line to line. Tim is very knowledgeable of the products he represents and he will go out of his way to get you taken care of. – Data Center Property Management Group

PTI Solutions has always provided installed solutions that work and they stand behind their products. They have professional-level technicians that take pride in their work and the way the system is installed. The system has had very few problems over the years, but if anything needed a technician to come out and resolve it in person, they were always ready to send someone to make sure it was fixed properly. PTI Solutions, in my opinion, has been willing to take the extra step to be not only a vendor, but a great partner for battery monitoring systems. I would recommend them to others for any projects that need to use battery monitoring. – Fortune 500 Data Center | 402-592-4259 | 11011 Q St., STE 103C, Omaha, NE 68137
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