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H O M E    A U T O M A T I O N

Echo Systems LogoEcho Systems doesn’t just install “stuff” but instead creates a customized, automated experience around a lifestyle—focusing in on each customer’s day-to-day routine and interests so that their environment compliments their lifestyle.

Audio/Video. Smart Thermostats. Home Theaters. Security/Surveillance. Automated Shades. and More.

The purpose of home automation is to give you the ability to control every aspect of your home from almost anywhere. From traditional buttons on the wall to touch-screen interfaces, smartphone and tablet apps with remote capability, it’s easy to interact with lighting, climate, security, multiroom audio/video, and more. Echo Systems utilizes the most advanced, user-friendly home automation and control technology available to integrate with various sub-systems in your home.

Whole Home Audio & Video

What does your dream entertainment space in your home look like? Multiple flat panel TVs showing several games at once? A drop-down projection screen? Music queued up at the touch of a button, played through hidden speakers while you shoot pool? Echo Systems can make these dreams a reality. With hundreds of shapes, sizes, and installation options, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers provide beautiful sound without overshadowing your home’s interior design. Paintable in-wall models completely disappear so your décor is all that’s seen. Whole home audio and video is more than just speakers and TVs throughout the house; it’s about seamless and simple access to your entire digital library. It’s about listening to or watching what you want, when you want, and where you want—from the bedroom to the outdoor patio.

Home Theaters

Instead of spending tons of money to go out see a movie in theaters, Echo Systems can bring the movie theater to your home with their modern HD and Ultra HD projectors, truly life-size screens, and theater speakers and subwoofers that produce room-filling audio. You can control the entire home theatre experience from a smartphone or tablet, including diming the lights and opening the curtains when the movie starts. Echo Systems can even hook you up with comfy cinema reclining chairs that come almost any style, size, and fabric or leather you want.

Safety & Security

From door locks that email or text you when used or unused, to security cameras you can access from anywhere in the world, a smart home is a safe home. By getting Echo Systems to install their integrated security system, including smart locks, networked security cameras, alarms, and lights, you can protect your family and your belongings. Check your front porch for packages, let your spouse in when keys are forgotten, see who’s at the front door without getting off the couch—a security system fully integrated with a home automation system means your family’s well-being has never been more secure.

Comfort & Sustainability

Echo Systems can install smart thermostats in your home that save you money by adjusting your home’s temperature automatically throughout the day. If you’re away from the house, you can monitor the level that your heat or A/C is running. If you’re in bed and the house starts to feel too cool, you can turn up the heat on your phone without having to get up. The same is true with Echo System’s advanced window shades. There’s a shade style to suit your home, with many options featuring black-out capabilities to completely darken a room. Adjust your shades just like your lights, with a wall switch, a separate remote or as part of an entire automation system. Echo Systems offers many styles and fabric options. They will work closely with you or your designer to compliment your décor.

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