For Tommy’s Express Car Wash (, it’s about enriching lives and adding value. One of their main goals as a company is to serve communities. At every location, Tommy’s Express team members serve at the window, inside the wash tunnel and outside in the vacuum bays, helping guests receive the best possible experience. Collectively and in cities around the country, Tommy’s Express franchise owners and operators partner with local organizations to give back, helping local communities however they are able.

Because Tommy’s Express Car Wash is dedicated to making our world a better place to live, they consistently give back in every way they can. For every car washed, Tommy’s Express donates to Water Mission, which works closely with others to develop mutually beneficial relationships that include fundraising campaigns, piloting new ideas, co-branding merchandise, creating media and crafting experiences that make an impact all around the world.

The global water crisis is a serious issue that becomes more and more devastating with each day that passes. Access to clean water is essential for everyone’s well-being, but clean water isn’t accessible for everyone. Nearly one million people die each year due to contaminated drinking water, while runoff and overuse damage our local water resources. It doesn’t matter where you live – the water crisis affects every community.

At every Tommy’s Express location, they use advanced water reclamation technology to safely clean vehicles using less than 30 gallons of fresh water per car. Not only do they strive for efficient water usage, but to still give you the quality car wash you deserve.