Getzschman Heating, LLC – May The G-Force Be With You

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Getzschman Heating, LLC – May The G-Force Be With You

Getzschman Heating, LLC (, a 58-year-old commercial and residential HVAC firm, has remained a local family-owned company since Richard Getzschman started it. Richard began his HVAC career way before then, though. He worked for a company called Nebraska Sheet Metal and then eventually left to join forces with a friend. Together they launched their company, Smith and Getzschman, in 1958. After gaining valuable knowledge and experience, Richard started Getzschman Heating and Sheet Metal. Though he has since dropped the sheet metal portion of the name, the company still manages a significant sheet metal operation.

Pictured (L-R): Scott, Ron, and David Getzschman

Richard had three of his sons eventually join the company: Ron Getzschman joined in 1972, Scott Getzschman in 1978, and David Getzschman joined seven years later in 1985. Ron and Scott, along with Roger Pannier, now co-own the business. Scott is focused on the residential service side, Ron handles the residential installation business, David focuses on commercial, and Roger oversees accounting.

The company, which started in the garage of the Getzschman home in 1960, now operates out of two facilities. The headquarters is located in a 20,000-square-foot former shopping center in Fremont that Getzschman purchased in 2007. Getzschman currently has 53 employees and field 16 service vehicles (six installation trucks on the residential side; 11 vehicles on the commercial side).


Getzschman field team members gather for regular safety meetings in the company sheet metal room.

Since the beginning, Getzschman Heating has always put the customer and the community first. This strong family commitment is what Getzschman refers to as its “G-Force.” The G-Force concept is part of a marketing campaign that pushes fast and reliable service and backs it up with measurable and verifiable diagnostics.

A key differentiator that sets the company apart from its competition is that it requires technicians to be highly-trained in what the company calls “G-Verify System Efficiency Diagnostics.”

Ron Getzschman attributes the company’s success to its focus on the National Comfort Institute’s (NCI) Performance-Based Contracting™ approach. The Getzschman G-Verify testing and diagnostic methods are used on air balancing and combustion efficiency test to measure the performance characteristics of the HVAC system compared to the collected manufacturer’s specifications.

Ron Getzschman (left) and Scott Getzschman (right) pose with their plaque after being named NCI’s 2018 Contractor of the Year during that organization’s High Performance Summit event in Austin, TX.

Getzschman is one of a few companies in the Fremont-Omaha market area that actually measure, test, and verify system performance for their customers. This performance-based contracting method allows technicians to effectively communicate processes with their customers. Getzschman’s team can explain how most people’s HVAC systems waste 40% of their energy, even on brand new systems. Then they explain how their technicians identify inconsistencies in duct work, why they audit performance on the existing system, and, if they replace that system, how it must be properly installed and commissioned. Getzschman technicians do this on every installation. Then they recheck to make sure the upgrades and improvements have made a difference.

Getzschman is proud to be named NCI’s 2018 Contractor of the Year for their commitment to implementing the Performance-Based Contracting™ approach.

When you select Getzschman Heating, LLC you not only acquire the products themselves, but you also gain a special G-Force membership status among all the customers they serve.

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