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Any business owner will tell you that running your own business is a hands-on endeavor with a focus on protecting valuable assets – everything from employees to inventory and equipment. Keeping the business safe and secure is always a top priority, but sometimes when you are the one in charge; it feels like there are just not enough hours in the day to do it well. That’s where Cox Business Security Solutions ( can help by putting the most advanced security, automation and surveillance technology in good hands – yours.
Cox Business Security Solutions ( uses the most advanced protection and surveillance technology to safeguard your business – enabling you to monitor, protect and control your business anywhere at any time.


  • Arm or disarm your security system from anywhere.
  • Monitor your business 24/7 with easy remote access via the Web, smartphone and tablets.
  • Receive immediate notifications via text and email alerts when your system senses an event, such as a door opening.
  • Have peace-of-mind that battery and cellular back up is included in all systems.


  • Turn On/Off electronic devices remotely such as an Open Sign or put them on an automated schedule.
  • Control your thermostat from anywhere or lock it to make sure no one else can adjust it.
  • Set contingency “rules” and create “scenes” to act for you in times you cannot.


  • View high-definition live or recorded video footage using commercial grade indoor and outdoor HD day/night cameras.
  • On-premise video storage.
  • Monitor your business 24/7 with easy remote access via the Web, smartphone and tablets.

Many businesses install surveillance cameras and motion detectors as safety measures. In fact on a recent visit to a local business, our Security Consultants found that one company had installed 32 security cameras. The problem was that only eight of them were still working. What differentiates Cox from other security system providers is the management of those security solutions. In a word, it’s the service. After all, what good is a security system that is not routinely monitored to ensure that it is in good working order?

Cox not only provides smartphone and tablet applications that allow you to monitor your business activities at all times, we also teach you how to effectively use all of that technology. It’s not just about monitoring for internal and external theft, businesses today use the system in a variety of ways including to monitor workflow, determine staffing requirements and check to ensure vendor accountability.

Cox utilizes automation tools to ensure your business is running the way you like it. Furthermore, they are using it to put money back into their customers’ pocket. One local business can attest that if it weren’t for Cox’s Temperature sensors, they would be out thousands of dollars in inventory in their walk-in cooler. Many other businesses across our markets find that there is an incredible amount of savings in managing your thermostat remotely. A customer favorite feature, is the ability to set a temperature change to automatically occur upon arming and disarming their system. No need to pay for cooling during the hot summer months during closing hours!

At Cox Business Security Solutions, it is our job to protect your business, even when you’re not there. We encourage you to join the smart business revolution and put advanced security and surveillance technology to work for you. For more information, visit or contact or (479) 283-1338.


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